65% profit in 15 days Quick Money mantra article

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Today is 6th August and 13 days before I wrote an article. Not sure how many of you read that article and acted on it. It was a simple easy to understand article on HDFC AMC (Asset management company) IPO. I like to invest simple.

There is no need to over analyze anything. You need to see basic things and take a call. If you gather too many data points then it will become cumbersome and will restrict you from taking a wise decision or you may be too late to react.

I am giving link to the article below. You can read it now as well if not read before. The article suggested to invest in HDFC IPO.

Link to HDFC AMC IPO analysis 13 days before

Today the company got listed on exchanges with massive gain of more than 65%. Below are the details as of now

Price Details

  • Issue Price – 1,100 INR
  • Listing Price – 1,739 INR
  • HIghest Price (as of now) – 1,835 INR
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Profit You made

  • Per share (if sold on listing) – 639 INR
  • Per share profit (if sold on listing) – 58% (approx)
  • Per share (if sold on tpo price as of now) – 735 INR
  • Per share profit (if sold on listing) – 68% (approx)

I wrote the article and subscribed to the IPO as well. I do not plan to sell a single share and will hold it for long term. The facts mentioned in the IPO article above still hold good and this will create wealth for Investors in long term.

I have even bought more shares from the market and that have pushed my effective buy price. Note you should always average on your winning trades not the losing trades.

Note : I am not a Sebi registered analyst. This article just describes the gain one would have made if read my previous article on HDFC AMC. I am holding this stock as of now and have bought more as stated above.

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Before investing you need to analyze and do the needful at your end. This article just describes opportunity we have in market if we take right decisions at right point of time. The low risk quick money is always there without too much of hectic analysis.

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