Ador Group Companies listed on NSE

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Ador Group is one of the lesser known Group of Companies. The history of this group dates back to more than one hundred years. This group has more than three companies listed on stock exchanges and has major presence in Welding sector.

Welding as a sector does not have much presence on Nifty indices be it MidCap or Small Cap or Large Cap. However we will review this group performance in this post. The reason being simple.

Good companies with experienced honest management which are relatively less known to world are more poised to grow in future. In this light we will see how these companies have fared in recent years.

I have also created post on other major groups as well like HDFC , TATA and Birla. In case you are interested then you can see list of all major group of companies in below article.

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Ador Group Company list

Below is the list of Ador Group of Companies. You may have heard name of one or two at max if you are seasoned investor and explored territory of unknown or lesser known companies or read my article on Top Investors portfolio.

Later in the article we will see performance of these companies over the year along with short description of these companies and segment they operate on.

  • Ador Welding
  • Ador Fontech
  • Ador Multiproducts

Ador Group Companies performance

Share price is best way to represent performance of a company.However great a company is if it does not give return to investor then there is no point discussing that company.

So we have focused on share price performance of these companies over the years and see if they have given decent returns to investors.

Ador Welding Share Price Performance 2018
Ador Welding Share Price Performance 2018
Ador Fontech Share Price Performance 2018
Ador Fontech Share Price Performance 2018
Ador Multi Products Share Price Performance 2018
Ador Multi Products Share Price Performance 2018

Ador Group of Companies Details

I have listed sectors and brief details about these companies to help you understand them. Knowing sectors will help you club these companies and compare with respective sector companies.

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You should always compare companies in same sector to have good idea about relative performance. There are not many companies listed in sectors Ador Group of companies operate.

  • Ador Welding – Leading company of Welding sector. Not too many company listed in that sector.
  • Ador Fontech – Again a welding sector company but with multitude of operating areas different than that of Ador Welding. It is one of the most consistent high dividend paying company for quite some time.
  • Ador Multiproducts – It is in consumer products segment offering many products in that segment.


This is an old group and have specific operating areas. Welding is one sector with little number of companies listed. So if you are interested in that segment then you can explore it.

Also one of the Top Investor is invested in Ador Group of companies (Ador Fontech). So you may analyze the companies in details and see if that serves your requirement. This is the reason I included this group of companies.

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I will continue providing you list of other eminent group of companies listed on stock exchanges.

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