Agro Tech Foods Stock Research

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Agro Tech Foods Overview

Agro Tech Foods is an Multi National Company. The parent company name is Conagra. Conagra is based in United States (USA) and has presence in other countries like Canada, Mexico and India.

The famous brands from this company are below. You may have seen commercials and used the product as well. The brand name will help you identify the company. Note the Parent has lot more variety and is slowly pushing them in India. So with time the brand list or products offered will increase.

  1. Sundrop
  2. Act 2

Under above two brands it sells variety of items like Pop Corn, Oil and Pea nut better. Sundrop Oil has good presence in India and also ACT 2 pop corn is a popular eatable as well.

Agro Tech Food Share Price performance

Before looking at Agro Tech Foods share price performance it is better to look at the price performance of Conagra. If the parent does well then it is good news for Indian subsidiary. If the parent is not doing well then Indian subsidiary will not perform either.

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Below is share price performance of Conagra and Agro Tech Foods. I will analyze the price performance as well after the images.

Conagra brands share price performance 2018
Conagra brands share price performance 2018
Agro Tech Foods share price performance 2018
Agro Tech Foods share price performance 2018
  1. If you closely see the share price performance of Conagra does not relationship with Agro Tech Share price performance.
  2. Conagra has performed well in IS stock exchanges giving investors good returns with 2% dividend yield.
  3. Agro Tech Foods has also given positive returns to Investors

Based on the share price performance it can be easily concluded that these shares are on slow but positive growth trajectory. The prices has not performed well in recent years compared to past performance but this means prices are consolidating and can outperform in future.

Agro Tech Foods – My Opinion

Agro Tech Foods is subsidiary of 8 billion dollar company Conagra which is a multinational company. So the parentage is good. India is an emerging company and food processing is an excellent growth sector.

Sector wise the company is well placed. The products of company have presence in market (mostly the Urban market) and with more products in pipeline the company should perform well in future.

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Parent is focusing on promotion of products which is clearly visible by commercials of ACT 2 pop corn. This will give a brand presence to it. Some of the items the company offers does not have alternative like Pea Nut butter.

Also Sundrop is popular oil brand and is poised to grow. It is worth mentioning that Big Bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has stake in this company. With increase in Urban consumption and offering of new niche products this company should perform well in future.


You should do your own research before making an investment call. You can track the stock and add it to your watch list so that you can look into Financials and other details of the stock before investing.

This may be an interesting company to play in Food Processing sector. This is one sector which analyst feel will grow together with Indian Economy.

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