Ajay Upadhyay portfolio stocks

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Ajay Upadhyay Latest Portfolio

In this article we will discuss latest portfolio of the ace investor Ajay Upadhyay. He is a well known investor in Indian stock market. In case you have missed earlier articles on top investor’s like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Dolly Khanna and Vijay kedia then you should read below article.

That article lists portfolio of all top investors in Indian stock market along with the unique points about the portfolio and their investment strategy.

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Below is the latest stocks in portfolio of Ajay Upadhyay. We will keep updating this list as soon as it changes. So you can bookmark this page and look into it time to time for latest updates.

Stock Name Sector
Genus power
Infrastructure Limited
Solar Power
HPL Electric &
Power Limited
Navin Fluorine
International Limited
Subros Limited Auto
Vidhi Specialty Food
Ingredients Limited
Visaka Industries
Zen Technologies
IT (Defense)

Interesting points about Portfolio

Below are some interesting observations based on the stock picks of Ajay Upadhyay. These points provide you some interesting facts about the picks and also help you understand how it is same or different from the other stock investors.

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1. No Finance or Pharma

Finance is back bone of any country. Nifty is also dominated by Financial Services companies. By Finance I mean all the companies like Banking ,NBFC , Insurance and other similar Financial Services.

The portfolio of Ajay Upadhyay does not have a single company from Finance sector or related to its services. Most of the investors have at least one stock from this sector. Note many analyst are bullish on prospects of this sector as a whole but in selected stocks.

Also Pharma as we have seen in past articles does not have representation. This portfolio is no exception as well. It also lacks any stock from Pharma sector.

2. Chemicals is in limelight

Chemical sector is very varied. But this sector has under representation in Nifty. There is no dedicated Chemical company present in Nifty as of now. But many top investors have put faith in this sector. They have pinned it as one of the future sectors.

The reason is straight forward. In our day to day life the usage of chemicals or preservatives or enzymes is increasing with time. So the company dealing in these items will have option to grow. The sector is vast and there are many companies. It is tough to find one or two companies which will make it to next level.

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So the portfolios of top investors help at least know about the companies they are banking on.

What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

Above we have seen some unique points about the portfolio which sets it apart from others we have discussed so far. In this section we will discuss about the investment strategy of Ajay Upadhyay. Note this is based on his stock pickings. This was not shared by the investor itself.

1. Electrical and Chemicals next big thing

Solar energy is next big thing. This is the perception of many people and top analysts. New investors often want to know company which have presence in this sector. They want to invest in some company which will get benefited with growth in this sector.

For those people who want to play the theme this portfolio provides you an opportunity. You can short list the company and add it to your stock watch list.

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I have already discussed about the Chemicals sector. Chemicals sector is also one big thing..You can take clue about the companies mentioned above as well.

2. Focus on Companies with unique business

The company Zen Technologies is unique company by the fact that it does not belong to pure IT company as mentioned in sector column. It is not a IT services company in true sense. It creates simulators for defense system.

With increased focus and expenditure on defense by Government of India this company may get benefit. Many analyst were bullish on defense play. There are not many companies catering this play so it is good for new investors to know company like this.

You can analyze this company in more details and see if it fits in your requirement.


Hope you enjoyed this article and it provided you the information you were looking for. For best results you should read all the portfolios and then make up your watch list.

In the next set of article we will look and analyze portfolios of other eminent investors and mutual funds. So stay tuned.

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