Akash Bhansali Portfolio Stocks

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Akash Bhansali Latest Portfolio

Akash Bhansali is one of the ace investors. In this post we will discuss his latest portfolio along with the sector those companies belong to. We will also discuss some key points based on those portfolio as well.

This will help you understand the portfolio better and use the information to create stock watch list for your own use. So without wasting time lets get started with Akash Bhansali latest portfolio.

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Stock Name Sector
Amber Enterprises
India Ltd.
Air Conditioning
GeeCee Ventures
Greenlam Industries Laminate
Hathway Cable Cable Services
IDFC Limited Finance
Khaitan Electricals
Domestic Electrical
Maharastra Seamless
Mahindra Logistics
Prism Johnson
Sandhar Technologies
Auto Ancillary
Saraswati Commercial
(India) Ltd.
Schneider Electric
Infrastructure Ltd.
Titagarh Wagons
Wagon Manufacture
Vascon Engineers Ltd. Real Estate
Welspun Corp Ltd. Steel
Zodiac Clothing
Company Ltd.
Ready made
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Interesting points about Portfolio

Below are some key points about the portfolio I have observed. These facts were listed based on careful examination of stocks and comparing with the normal thought process of investors.

1. No IT , Private Sector Bank and Pharma

So far we have analyzed quite a few portfolios and majority have either one IT or Pharma company in their portfolio. Some of the top investors does not have either IT or Pharma. For example Dolly Khanna does not have IT and Pharma or Private banks which is similar to this portfolio in this point.

This makes it interesting. There is division between top investors as to which sectors they should focus. They have difference of opinion as well and similarity as well.

2. 1 Sector 1 Company rule

This is yet another striking feature of Akash Bhansali portfolio. He has picked only a single company per sector. Here also we have seen contrast between the top investors. For example Investors like Subramanian P has multiple stocks from the same sector.

But Akash Bhansali has different approach. The sector he has selected is also very diversified as well.

3. Balanced Diversification

This is yet another striking feature of this portfolio. So far this is the only portfolio which has less than 20 stocks in it. All the other major investor we have analyzed so far have more than 30 stocks.

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For example Hitesh Javeri had around 100 stocks in his portfolio and Anil goel , Ashok Jain have more than 30 stocks in their portfolio. There are many books which tell you not to have too diversified portfolio and also not to have too much concentrated portfolio.

The ideal number of stocks in one portfolio is between 10 to 30. Many top investors have not followed this rule but this portfolio follows it.

What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

Based on the stock picks of Akash Bhansali I have listed below things about the thought process. Note this is based on the stock picks and my own observation and is not shared by the investor himself.

1. Invest in Unique Business

In this theme comes Greenlam Laminates. There are not many Laminate company listed in Indexes.Laminates market is pretty new market and is an emerging trend. It has direct competition with Paints in some areas.

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So the growth in this sector will benefit the Greenlam Industries. Akash Bhansali has the courage to put money in this industry. The growth of industry will propel the company to newer height and based on this theme the investment was made.

2. Future Sectors or Companies

Some of the stocks he has picked will be trend in future. The cable television company Hathway cable is listed in his portfolio. It may be competing against Netflix and other online providers but this may grow in future.

The sectors or companies like Greenlam and Hathway cables were picked looking at their potential in near future.


Looking at the portfolio of top investors and spending time with them gives you good insight about them and the stocks they have picked. You should be with us till the end of this article series and list out the stocks which interests you.

This will give you building block of your investment journey and you will be able to pick better stocks in future. In next article we will discuss the stock picking of yet another ace investor.

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