Amco India Limited Stock Research

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Amco India Limited Detail

Amco India Limited is in portfolio of Subramanian P. He is one of the top investors in India. As per the Company website the products can be classified into multiple categories as listed below

  • PVC Leather Cloth Unit
  • PVC Films and Sheetings Unit
  • Laminated Foil Division

Amco India products has been enjoying the patronage of many leading Pharmaceutical companies, Trading houses, Food Packaging industry & other leading consumers of Aluminium Foil. In Packaging industry, the foil is gradually replacing polyester and other barrier films because foil have better berries properties than others.

It has two factories. One is situated in Noida in Uttar Pradesh while second one is situated in Baddi Himachal Pradesh.Recently in Noida Factory Company has started manufacturing Textile coated fabric with lamination of PVC. It is being used to Seat Covers by Automobile Companies like Hero Honda

Above discussion will give you brief idea about Company business. You an also browse company website to get more details about it. Now we will use stock price as the measure of Company performance over the years. As per founding principles of technical analysis stock prices reflect Company and Index performance over the years

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Below image shows stock price performance of the Company for past 16 years or so to eliminate any seasonal price fluctuations.

AMCO India Stock Performance 2018
AMCO India Stock Performance 2018

In year 2002 the company was trading at price of 6. The price appreciated just below 40 in next three years time. After that Company had steady performance. It was one of the Company which was not impacted great deal by 2008 global crisis

The stock price dipped from 40 to 20 mark (that is 50% depreciation in prices due to Global crisis). But it soon reached to 40 mark in following year.

Performance of Company suffered and prices slowly declined over the years. It then again picked face from 2014 end supported by recent bull run in Indian market. The prices went past 40 mark and zoomed close to 60.

So the company has fluctuating performance over the years. It moves up and down. So investing level becomes important

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Amco India Ltd My Opinion

Amco India Limited has mixed performance over the years. If you consider the top and down of the Company then it has moved from 6 odd levels to 56 odd levels in these 15 years. So it gave close to 9 times return if you have bought and sold at precise points.

But it is not possible to buy and sell at perfect points. Company has mixed set of numbers over the years which is reflected in stock prices of it.The niche company performs is unique.

It is mixture of Plastic polymer and Textiles based on the products created by the Company. Not many companies operate in this niche created products which is mixture of polymer and textiles. The new product launched for Automobile Industry will be major drivers for the Company

You need to track it closely and see the development in next couple of years to see how well the products is welcomed by Automobile Industry. You can add it to your stock watch list and see how well the company performs with time.

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