Anant Raj Limited Stock Research

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Anant Raj Limited Overview

Anant Raj Limited is an Construction and Infrastructure development company. It operates mainly in North India. Most of the projects from this company is confined in National Capital Region area.

The company develops Residential, Commercial, SEZ, Malls and Residential Township projects. So it is well versed in all the major construction themes popular nowadays.

This company has completed commercial projects like Manesar Technology Park, Moments Mall in New Delhi and Mapple Exotica in New Delhi. These examples will give you an idea of different types of project the group has completed successfully.

Anant Raj Limited Share Performance

Above we have given you brief idea about the company area of work. We do not include details like Debt or Financial reports of a company during evaluation. These parameters change every quarter so you better track the company to know it.

Another way to judge company performance is to see how well the share price has performed over the years. Note share price is best indicator of a company performance. If a company is performing means the price will increase.

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The price may be stagnant for some years but eventually it will move based on the results. Below is the share price performance of the company for more than one decade period.

Anant Raj Limited Share Price Performance 2018
Anant Raj Limited Share Price Performance 2018

If you look above the share price is almost range bound between years 2012 to 2018. It trades between 35 on lower end to 90 on higher end. The initial years were good and after that prices have taken a hit.

The stagnant range bound prices mean company is doing flat business. Note this period has not been good for most Real Estate company. So this flat trend is somewhat soothing. The best part is it does not have negative growth like other major companies.

It is worth mentioning that companies who break the range have swift movement on either side and generally are in Bull or Bear run for more than one or two years. So you need to keep a close eye on range bound stocks. They may be frustrating but they can reward well.

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Anant Raj Limited My Opinion

Anant Raj Limited is part of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala portfolio. I do not invest in Real Estate companies. The reason is simple. These companies are bound to have debt in their books. The projects require money and clearance from the Law authorities. If any project does not get completed then Company will have negative impact on record books.

I personally do not like Debt ridden companies. This is why I stay clear of the Real Estate Sector as a whole. But since the ace investor has invested in this company there should be something very interesting with it.

As pointed out above the stock prices are range bound for long period of time shows it is in consolidation phase and company is doing flat or better compared to the Real Estate companies.

The sector has performed negatively during this period which makes performance of Anant Raj fair to say the least.

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In case you are interested in Real Estate sector then you can add this stock to your stock watch list so that you can track it regularly. It will help you know about the stock better and if it meets your requirement you can make a decision.

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