Ashish Kacholia Portfolio stocks

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Who is Ashish Kacholia?

Ashish Kacholia is one of the leading investors of Indian market. He has invested more than 500 crores in market. He runs the Lucky Investment managers firm. Before that he was working under many stock broking firms.

In this article we will discuss portfolio of Ashish Kacholia and try to understand the rational behind that investment. We have seen that top investors follow some common investment strategy. They also have some differences as well while making investment decisions.

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Ashish kacholia Latest Portfolio

Below are the list of stocks this ace investor currently has in its kitty. We will be updating the stock holding with time as well so that you have the latest one to refer.

I have also listed down the sectors these stocks belong to. This gives indication of which sectors top investors are bullish in and you can too focus on those stocks.

Stock Name Sector
Acrysil Ltd. Plastics
APL Apollo Tubes
Aptech Limited Education
Butterfly Gandhimathi
Appliances Limited
CHD Developers Ltd. Real Estate
Ester Industries Ltd. Packaging
GHCL Ltd. Chemicals
KEI Industries Ltd. Electrical
Khadim India Leather
KPIT technology IT
Majesco Limited IT
Mirc Electronics Electric
Mold Tek packaging Packaging
NIIT Limited Education
NOCIL Chemical
Parag Milk Foods Food
Pokarna Limited Granite
Poly Medicure Hospitality
Shreyas Shipping
& Logistics Ltd.
Time Technoplast Plastics
V2 Retail Retail
Vaibhav Global Ltd. Diamond Cutting
Vadilal Food Processing
Vishnu Chemicals Chemicals
Hikal Pharma
Deepak Nitrate Chemicals
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Interesting points about Portfolio

Portfolio tells us about the investors and their investment styles. I will try to figure out the investment style based on the stock picked by this ace investor. Ashish kacholia portfolio has some unique points as listed below.

1. Education a hidden treasure

The unique point of his portfolio is presence of Education sector stocks. There are two education sector stocks in his portfolio. The first one is Aptech in which Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is also invested. The second one is NIIT Limited.

No other top investor we have analyzed so far have more than one education sector stock.Except Rakesh Jhunjhunwala no other investor have one education sector stock present. Ashish Kacholia is banking one key demands of second most populous country in the world and that is education.

2. No Textile or No Sugar

Textiles sector is one of the favorite sectors of some top investors like Subramian P , Hitesh Jhaveri and Anil Goel as we have seen before. Anil Goel has more exposure to Sugar Sector and Subramanian P has more exposure to Textiles sector.

Ashish Kacholia has not a single stock from these two sectors which is very much present in portfolio of above top investors. Other eminent investor have more than 2 or 3 stocks from these sectors. These are cyclical sectors so it can be assumed that he does not invest in cyclical sectors.

3. Finance may be backbone but not here

Here by Finance sector I include companies operating in different sector like Banking , NBFC , Financial Services and other similar Finance related sectors like Investment and Asset Management Services.

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Finance sector is backbone of any economy and if Indian economy gets a boost then this sector will boom. Every major investor has one or more than one Financial Services stock present in their portfolio.

But Ashish Kacholia thinks differently he does not have conviction it seems to invest in Financial services stocks. The reason is not clear but there in no stock present from that sector in his portfolio.

What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

Based on the stock picking and sector picking of Ashish Kacholia we will try to understand the pattern of his investment. Note the latest pick of his is Hikal Limited. This is Kalyani Group of stock and we have covered it in separate article.

He has also offloaded major stake in Vadilal industries as well. Below are some key points about his investment style.

1. I hate top players and love bottom ones

This is one key fact I observed about his portfolio. For example if you look at his recent stock pick in Pharma sector it is Hikal Limited. Note this is the only stock he has in Pharma Sector. He does not have any other stock from that sector.

Hikal Limited is old company and from Kalyani Group but it is not main stream leading pharma company. Same goes for his other picks as well. He does not pick the top stocks from a sector he does pick the one which can move up the ladder and grow with time.

2. Chemicals will fuel the future

There are many chemical stocks in his portfolio and all of them are niche players. To be precise there are three chemical stocks in his portfolio and perhaps the most number of companies are from this sector only.

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Vishnu Chemicals , NOCIL and GHCL all are in the same sector but all of them operate in different segments. So there is no competition between them. Chemicals is one sector he has put huge money and bet on.

This is vast sector and growing one as well with applications in many other segments to say the least.

3. Buy the Turn Around Theme

Now this is interesting. Warren Buffet also loves to invest in beaten down stocks which was forgot by most of the investors. Based on this philosophy He has invested in stocks like V2Retail and Mirc Electronics.

Note V2Retail was once trading at 1,000 (approx) in year 2008 and then went to 10 odd level in year 2013. So for normal investor it is big No No stock. But this company has turned around from that point and now it is hovering around 500 mark.

Ashish Kacholia has bought in to this turn around history. I do not have idea about his investment price on this stock but if it was picked at year 2013 r 2014 then already it is a multi bagger.


Ashish Kacholia has made fortune from Stock Market investing. The portfolio shared above should be your starting point. You should learn and analyze these companies to figure out the reason he has invested in them.

This will help you understand the investment philosophy more clearly and help you find great companies for investment.

I will share portfolio and analysis of it from yet another top investor in coming article so stay tuned.

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