Asian Granito Stock Research

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Asian Granito Detail

Asian Granito is in portfolio of Dolly Khanna. He is one of the top investors in India. The company belongs to Ceramics and Granite sector.

As per the Company website it has emerged as one of the largest ceramic companies of India. Below are the list of products from the Company

  • Grestek
  • Floor Tiles
  • Wall Tiles
  • Composite Marble
  • Quartz

It has an extensive marketing and distribution network which comprises of more than 6000+ Dealers and Sub-Dealers and more than 243+ Exclusive Dealer Showrooms covering each and every state of the country.

It has eight plants all located in Gujarat state.It exports to more than 58 countries and have major showroom presence in South Africa.

I have shared long term price performance chart of the Company below.As per Dow theory of technical analysis price performance over a period of time reflects Company state.

Asian Granito Stock Performance

The long term performance chart can be divided into three parts. The first part from year 2007 to year 2014. In this period it destroyed wealth of investors as Stock moved from 105 levels to less than 20 levels giving. It did had some positive movements after global crisis but never went passed 100 mark where it got listed.

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From year 2014 to year 2017 it made huge wealth for investors riding the Housing related bull run. Most of the housing finance companies along with Ceramics and Granite Companies performed well in this run. The stock reached heights of 600 during this phase.

Since then it has corrected significantly as the frenzy of market could not sustain for long. Note this is the reason I tell investors to avoid hot stock which have ran too far. You should never try to catch a stock which has ran too far. It will slow down destroy your money and you will have to wait for longer period for some returns.

Asian Granito My Opinion

Asian Granito is a Ceramics and Granite Company. The sector looks good to me. With Economy doing better and purchasing power of Indian middle class on rise there is demand for beautiful house.

People are using Granites, Tiles and other similar accessories like Marbles to make their house look good. Modern Flats are also using these things to lure people. These are new standards in housing sector. You can not see any new buildings without these items.

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This shift is seen in recent times and more and more projects are consuming these items. The trend is here to stay for the moment leading to growth in demand for these products. As of now these are majorly dominated by local and non organized players which will over the time shift to branded players.

Exports will also help in generating additional revenue for these Companies. I have invested in the sector as of now. That is why I will not be tracking this Company. While making investment decision I compared stocks from this sector before making a decision.

In case you are interested then you can track the company by adding it to your stock watch list. That way you can keep close eye on the Company.

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