Astec LifeSciences Stock Research

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Astec LifeSciences Overview

Astec LifeSciences is now part of Godrej Agrovet. Godrej Agrovet is one of the Godrej Group of Companies.It acquired Astec LifeSciences in year 2015.Astec LifeSciences was established in year 1994.

It is primarily in manufacturing of Agro Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Intermediates. It has two multipurpose production sites at Mahad. As per company website the products are exported to over 25 countries in North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Along with the product division it also does contract manufacturing for clients based in countries like Europe, Japan and US. The contract manufacturing means creating products as per client specification and may not entirely match companies products.

Now lets have a look at performance of company over the years. That would give us glimpse on Company growth.

Astec LifeSciences Stock Performance

We will look into price performance from IPO days. That would help us understand the growth of company as well as profit investor have made in the company. Below image shows company performance in last decade.

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Astec LifeSciences Stock Performance 2018
Astec LifeSciences Stock Performance 2018

The company debuted in year 2009 with price of around 80. Over the next 5 year time period the stock price declined only. So it was not a rosy time for investors as their investment declined slowly with time.

Note the company was acquired by Godrej Agrovet in year 2015. As you can see above in price chart since that point company started performing on exchanges as well. Company rose past 700 mark in year 2018.

So it made around 10 fold money for IPO investor as well. This is good return in 9 year time frame. But most of the movement was in later 2 to 3 years. Before that it was not performing.

So you can expect prices to perform better after the change of hands. It could also be a lift due to acquisition and may frizzle out with time. So you must watch for sometime before jumping into conclusion.

Astec LifeSciences My Opinion

Astec LifeSciences is in portfolio of Vijay kedia. Agriculture Space will be growing sector in future due to rising food demands and compulsion to grow more in less land. The crop protection companies and fertilizer companies will grow.

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This will trigger growth for companies working in formulations in Agriculture field such as Astec LifeSciences.I do have Godrej Agrovet in my stock watch list and am monitoring this company for long period of time.

You can look at Godrej Agrovet as well while analyzing Astec LifeSciences. It is now part of Godrej Agrovet. Both the companies have proven management as they are part of prestigious Godrej group.

Since the sector is growth sector and company is with honest and proven management these are interesting companies to track. As mentioned above I am tracking only but have not invested in any. I will update the post if I invest in future.


I would recommend for you to add this stock to your watch list. This will ensure you have latest news and updates about the company. You can also evaluate it further to know more about it before making an investment.

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