Bajaj Finance Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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Bajaj Finance Options Trading Important Tips

Bajaj Finance is one of the leading NBFC player in India. It is part of Nifty 50 and also part of Futures and Options.

  1. Bajaj Finance is NBFC so any news impacting NBFC like NBFC failures or cash crunch have negative impact on the script.
  2. In recent times it has given positive results most of the times surprising Analysts so it generally has positive movement leading up to the results.
  3. Mostly it has positive bias that is stock has net positive movement for most of the months. This can be used as one input while making trade decisions.
  4. Like most of the stocks Nifty sentiment also has impact on this script as well.

Options Open Interest Excel Sheet Download

Below is the download link for Bajaj Finance Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet. The sheet downloads and refreshes Bajaj Finance OI information and presents Put and Call data in simple format. It creates bullish and bearish signals based on the Long and Short position information.

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You can download the sheet from below link for free. The Lot size of it is 250 only.

Bajaj Finance OI Sheet download

I have created OI sheets for many popular Futures and Options stock. You can get complete list from below link.

Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet for F&O Stocks

From below links you can download Nifty and Bank Nifty sheets as well. Many trades like to trade in Indices as they have more volume and lot size is small.

Nifty Options OI Excel Sheet

Bank Nifty Options OI Excel Sheet


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