Bharat Jayantilal portfolio stocks

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Bharat Jayantilal latest portfolio

In this article I will discuss about portfolio of Bharat Jayantilal. I will also provide insight into portfolio of the ace investors along with his investment strategy. It will help us understand difference in approach between Bharat Jayantilal and other top investor of the country.

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Below are the latest stock picks of Bharat Jayantilal. We will keep on updating these details with time as well.

Stock Name Sector
Integra Garments and
Textiles Limited
Leena Consultancy
Mafatlal Industries
Nagpur Power and
Industries Limited
Rubfila International
Texmaco Infrastructure
and holding Limited
Transpek Industry Ltd. Chemicals

Interesting points about Portfolio

I will quote some interesting points for the portfolio based on the stock picks above like I did for other top investors before. These points help you get more insight and different perspective of the portfolio.

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1. Textiles is main force

The portfolio of Bharat jayantilal is short one comprising of less than 10 stocks. But this short portfolio has two stocks from the same sector. Note textiles is a huge sector so I am not getting into classifications like Cotton or yarn or Silk.

The point is Textiles has major presence in the portfolio. In past also we have seen many top investors in love with the Textiles stock. So this sector always interests investors for some reason.

2. No mainstream sector present

By Main stream sector I wanted to denote Pharma or IT. These two sectors were not present in above portfolio. These are the main sectors of Nifty yet very often they have little or no representation in the portfolio of eminent investors. This is quite interesting indeed.

We have seen multiple portfolios in past also which does not have any stock from these sectors. This one also falls in same category. Note there is only one Finance sector stock present as well.

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What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

Every investor has different investment style. This styles makes him or her special. In this section I will try to outline the investment style of the investor based on the stock picking. Note this is not shared by the investor himself. This is my interpretation of the facts based on the stock picks of him.

1. Focus on unknown companies

If you closely look into the portfolio I am sure you may not recognize any of the company. These are unknown companies and you might recognize them if you have explored that sector in details.

Only one company has some popularity. Mafatlal is known name in Textile world. These companies may be small in size but investor thinks that they will outperform in future.

2. Concise portfolio

Bharat Jayantilal does not have too many stocks in the portfolio. He has less than 10 stocks. Many analysts suggest to have around 10 to 20 stocks in portfolio. In past we have seen some investors picking more than 50 odd companies. So there is difference in opinion among investors.

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This is on the lesser number of companies. We have also seen portfolio with less than 10 companies in past as well. This one falls in that category.


Every portfolio helps you find some unique unknown companies which may turn into a multi bagger. You can add these stocks in your stock watch list and track them as well.

In the next article I will discuss portfolio of yet another top investor of India.

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