Birla Group of Company listed on NSE

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In this article I will cover main companies which are part of Birla Group of Companies. I have already covered other major Corporate Group of Companies in separate article.

You can read about other famous Corporate groups and prepare your watch list using them. Birla is one of the most well known Corporate houses of the Country.

They are also one of the oldest. The roots of Birla Group goes to pre independence days. That time Birla Group was undoubtedly the most famous Corporate Group of Country.

The aim of this article and other similar articles is to provide you list of companies which have proven Management. Many companies go burst due to Management issues.

So if you track and invest in Growth oriented companies from Good management houses then you are on right track of making money in Stock Market.

Birla Group of Company List

Below are major companies belonging to Birla Group. Though there are some more companies like Birla Power and Birla Cotsyn but I am not covering them here.

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Note Birla Power and Birla Cotsyn like companies have eroded money of Investors. They were disastrous investment for a person. That is why I said above even if a company is from best management houses still you need to analyze it at your end.

Grasim is the flagship company of Birla Group of companies.

Company Name
Ultra Tech Cement
Grasim Industries
Hindalco Industries
Aditya Birla capital
Financial Services
Idea cellular
Aditya Birla Fashion
Aditya Birla Money
Share Broking

Birla Group of Company Performance

The best way to judge a company is it share price performance over a period of time. I have taken the time period to more than 10 years. Note even if a company is of quality there is no profit if share price remains stagnant.

Investors make profit if share price increases with time and gives them handsome return over a period of time. Below is performance of above listed companies.

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Ultra Tech Cement Share Price Performance
Grasim Share Price Performance
Aditya Birla Fashion Share Price Performance
Aditya Birla Money Share Price Performance
Hindalco Share Price Performance
Idea Share Price Performance

Birla Group performance review

Birla Group of Companies have under performed compared to other popular Corporate houses like Bajaj and Tata. If you see above in long term only Ultra Tech Cement and Grasim have given positive returns to investors.

Idea and other companies have not performed well for Investors. So it is very evident from above pictures that selecting good company with Growth prospectus is very important for investment even if the companies are from good Corporate houses.

To be fair with Idea most Communication companies have struggled and so is Idea. But with recent merger news with Vodafone things may change for positive.

As mentioned above I have left companies like Birla Cotsyn from above analysis. I have chosen only the top companies which is under focus from Birla Group as well.

Note Birla Capital was not included as it is new born entity due to merger and demerger of Business. Birla Capital is now umbrella organization looking after all Financial Services part of Birla Group like Insurance and Asset management services.

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Birla Group has restructured their business in year 2017. They have now made umbrella organizations and divided business in different units. Similar nature business were clubbed to create one entity.

This have created new Entity like Birla Capital and also have increased promised investors to increase efficiency and focus on profitable business ans trim down non profitable business.

You can analyze the companies along with other companies of the sector and then make your decision. I will also be analyzing these companies in details in separate article. You can stay tuned to read the individual analysis.

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