Dolly Khanna Portfolio stocks

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Who is Dolly Khanna?

Dolly Khanna is one of the most popular stock investor in India. She has invested close to 200 crores of money in Stock markets. Her portfolio is managed by her husband Rajeev Khanna as well.

So the portfolio we will discuss below reflects thought process of both investors. She has reputation of picking small business which turns out to be Multi bagger in nick of time.

The stocks move with good pace after her entry. In this article we will discuss the sectors and stocks she has invested in along with the thought process of her while selecting the stocks.

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Dolly Khanna Latest Portfolio

Below are the latest stock holding of Dolly Khanna along with the sectors from which the stocks are taken from. Note I will update the stock picks with time so that you have the updated list all the time.

Stock Name Sector
Asian Granito Ceramic &
Associated Alcohol &
Breweries Limited
Butterfly Gandhimathi
Appliances limited
Dwarikesh Sugar Sugar
Gujarat Narmada Valley
Fertilizer and Chemical Limited
IFB Agro
Industries Limited
LT Foods Limited Rice
Muthoot Capital
Services Limited
Nilkamal Limited Plastics
Nitin Spinners limited Textile
NOCIL Chemical
PPAP Automotive Auto
Radico Khaitan Beverages
Rain Industries Construction
RSWM Textiles
Ruchira paper Paper
Selan Exploration
Technology Limited
Som Distilleries &
Breweries Limited
Srikalahasthi pipes Pipes
Sterling Tools Textile
Tata Metaliks Steel
Thirumalai Chemicals Chemicals
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Interesting points about Portfolio

Based on the above stock I have noted down below points about it. Stock picking tells lot about the investors and sector they are banking on. You can utilize this information to frame your Investment plan as well.

1. Beverages is the King of All

Perhaps the most astonishing part of Dolly Khanna portfolio is presence of Beverages stocks. Most of the other investors have only one Beverages stocks at the max but her portfolio has more than one stock.

In fact she has four stocks from this sector alone. This is the most strange thing about the stocks she has in her kitty. It seems she is super bullish on this sector.

IFB Agro is not a dedicated Beverages company. It has presence in Sea Food area as well. But the majority of the business is still beverages only. If you are interested in this sector then definitely you can analyze the companies she has.

2. No IT or Pharma or Private banks

The three most covered sectors are probably IT, Pharma and Private banks. These are taken as defensive bets and also have returned good amount of money to investors.

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But the Portfolio of Dolly Khanna does not have a single stock from IT or Pharma sector. These two sectors have good number of companies as well but none were able to meet the investment conditions laid by her.

Many top investors have either one or two stocks from these sectors in their portfolio. There was under representation from these sectors but the complete absence was not there.

3. No Sector Repeat Except Beverages

In point one I have mentioned her love for Beverages stock which does surprise us all. This point will increase the magnitude of surprise as well. Except Beverages there is no other stock which belongs to same sector.

This Diversification is excellent thing as many books and investors propose diversification of portfolio to insulated their portfolio from down turn in one particular sector. This fact is getting reflected in her portfolio as well except the one sector mentioned above.

What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

Above we have seen some interesting observations based on the stock picks of Dolly Khanna. In this section we will try to understand the approach followed by her while picking stocks.

1. Internal Consumption is the way forward

The sectors or companies which depend on Internal consumption have found prominence in her portfolio. This is indeed a good theme to invest in.The growing economy and free from export dependency make companies less prone to external factor.

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There are several companies which fulfill this requirement. In fact most companies fall into this category. It may be one major reason that Dolly Khanna portfolio does not have any IT or Pharma stock.

These stocks does not match with her central Internal Consumption theme and hence excluded.

2. Invest in Mid Range Company of a Sector

This is yet another feature of Dolly Khanna portfolio. She has not included any top stock based on Market Capitalization from any sector. You will find these companies at mid level.

We have seen this with other top investors as well. While some choose to select bottom players and some selected more than one bottom players from the sector. She has chosen the approach of one company per sector belonging to the mid level.

It seems this approach gives her luxury of selecting experienced players tested with up and down of market and ready to go for growth.


Portfolio of Dolly Khanna is an interesting read for experienced as well as novice investors. You should carefully look at the stocks and try to figure out the reason she chose the stocks. I will also analyze the stocks individually and share my finding as well.

Based on these you can include companies in your stock watchlist and if it fits in your requirement you can invest in them.

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