Haresh Keswani portfolio stocks

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Keswani Haresh latest portfolio

Haresh Keswani is a big name in Indian stock market arena. He is one of the top investors in India. In this article we will discuss about his latest stock holding and the investment style he uses based on my understanding of his stock pickings.

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Below are latest stock pick of the ace investor along with the sector these companies belong. I have mentioned sector as it gives insight to sector they are bullish on and you can then analyze these sectors to get stock of your choice.

Stock Name Sector
Deccan Cements
Garden Silk Mills Textile
Kama Holdings
Murudeshwar Ceramics
Nalwa Sons
Investments Limited
Polyplex Corporation
Samtel India Limited Electrical
Uflex Limited Packaging

Interesting points about Portfolio

Below are some interesting points about the portfolio. It will give you more insight about the portfolio and also gives you idea how it deviates from standard notion of people about a portfolio.

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These points also show you the difference and similarity of approach between the top investor establishing the fact that there is no one secret for success.

1. No Pharma and IT

Now this is one more portfolio which does not have Pharma and IT as part of it. If you have read other posts on portfolio of top investors then this should not come as a surprise to you. Many of them prefer to have no stock from IT and Pharma.

These two sectors have given good return for last one decade yet people are not comfortable to put money on them. It may be a thought that getting a multi bagger from this sector is not viable as it nears saturation now.

2. Focus is on Packaging

Packaging sector has been given preference in this portfolio. There are two stocks from this niche in it. The best part is that no other sector has more than one stock from it.

Also there are only 8 companies in the portfolio and 2 out of 8 is a big percentage. This shows that Haresh Keswani is super bullish on these two companies and packaging stocks in particular. It may be that growth in customer segment will increase demand for packaging indirectly beneficiary will be Packaging sector.

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This may be one rational behind it as people are gung ho on Consumption theme for quite some time.

3. Construction material sector is important

Construction and Homes are two key part of every economy. He has banked on Cement company and one Ceramic company. These two companies are provider of construction materials. Note these are not the top companies in their niche.

As we have already seen except Nemish Shah who tends to bank on top players on the niche sector most investors select otherwise. Similar to the theory of selecting lesser known players he has selected Deccan cements and Murudeshwar ceramics.

What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

Based on the stock picks I have try to read mind of the ace investor and come up with his thought behind selecting these stocks. Note this is not shared by the investor himself. These are my own interpretation based on the stock picks.

1. Invest in indirect beneficiary

Many top investors have invested in Real Estate and Construction companies but Haresh Keswani have invested in stocks which will get benefited with increase or growth in these two sectors.

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He has invested in Cement space and Ceramics space. These two sectors will see positive growth if there is a demand surge in homes and civil construction. So the indirect beneficiary theme is played well by him.

Another example is that packaging theme. He has invested in this theme based on the consumption and food processing company growth or sector growth. If this sector grows then there will be demand for packaging sector. So in this case also instead of direct play indirect play was used.

2. Focus on companies with scope to grow

This is common between most investors. He has only invested in companies which are not the leaders but have scope to grow. During this growth phase investors will make money.

This is most common employed theme by most top investors as growth companies will emerge as multi bagger.


Haresh Keswani has selected only few companies in his portfolio. This is in contrast to portfolio of other top investors like Subramanian P and Hitesh Javeri but in line with Nemish Shah and Vijay Kedia.

You can include these stocks in your watch list and then analyze in details before making a call to invest or not.

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