HDFC Group companies listed on NSE

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HDFC Group is one of the most respected groups of India operating in Finance sectors. All the companies of this Group operate in Finance related sector like Housing Finance, Banks, Insurance Products or Asset Management.

2 companies from this Group are one of the top ten companies in India based on Market Capitalization.This speaks the Quality of management and reward it has reaped for Investors over the years. This year one more company from this Group got listed.

In fact the stock HDFC AMC got listed today and gave stellar 65% listing gain to investors. I had written an article on IPO of this company and suggested fellow readers to subscribe to the IPO. The high subscription was result of name this brand has made for itself over the years.

You all might be aware of HDFC bank. HDFC Bank is part of this group of companies only. It is one of the est return giving bank to Investors. It is regarded as one of the best bets in Indian stock market. The safest nature high return yielding stock making it perfect candidate for long term investment.

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Most of the stocks from this group are investment grade stocks and always trade at at premium.You can add them to your stock watch list.

You may have a surprise looking at the names. Some of them are pretty obvious as they have HDFC as part of their name while some may surprise because they do not seem related to this stock but  are part of it.

HDFC Group of Companies List

  • HDFC
  • HDFC Bank
  • HDFC Standard Life
  • HDFC Asset Management Company
  • Gruh Finance

Out of these company 2 are already part of Nifty and one of top ten companies based on Market Cap. HDFC Group recently crossed 10 trillion market cap combined second only to Tata Group.

Below is brief description about each company

  • HDFC – Housing Finance company. One of the largest in India
  • HDFC Bank – One of the best and largest private sector Bank
  • HDFC Life – It is in LIfe Insurance Business. Got listed last year (2017) only
  • HDFC AMC – It is in Asset Management business. It got listed in year 2018
  • Gruh Finance – It is also housing loan company
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HDFC Group of Companies Performance

Since HDFC Life and HDFC AMC are new listing I am ignoring them while calculating the performance. I would present you graph over past 5 years for rest of the three companies.

The graph clearly shows the out performance and regular increase in the price of these companies. This makes them best bet in testing time and good bet for long term investment.

HDFC Share price performance over the years
HDFC Share price performance over the years
HDFC Bank share price performance over the years
HDFC Bank share price performance over the years
Gruh Finance performance over the years
Gruh Finance performance over the years


People hunt every place to get an stock which will give compounding returns over the years. They forget to search or track stock which has given the same return they want over the years and still going strong.

For the Beginners and Experienced Investors it is good to invest some money in very solid companies giving steady returns over the years. They can play with rest of the money and invest in multi bagger stocks after research.

You can track HDFC Group of companies and enter those stocks when you think it is the right time. Also I have prepared list of stocks from other popular groups which are also giving good returns to investors over the year.So you can include them as well in your list.

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