Hindustan Flurocarbons Stock Research

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Hindustan Flurocarbons Detail

Hindustan Flurocarbons is in portfolio of Dilip Kumar Lakhi. He is one of the top investors in India. The company belongs to Chemicals sector. 

As per the Company website it a subsidiary of Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited (HOCL). HOCL is a Government of India Enterprise.

The main products manufactured by HFL are CFM-22 (chloro Fluoro Methane Gas (R-22)), TFE  (Tetra Fluoro Ethylene), PTFE  (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene).

  • CFM is used as refrigerant gas
  • TFE is used to manufacture Fluro specialty chemicals
  • PTFE is used in automobile industries, mechanical seal, packing for hydrolic pump spares

The Company has one manufacturing unit located in Telangana state..

I have shared long term price performance chart of the Company below.As per Dow theory of technical analysis price performance over a period of time reflects Company state.

Hindustan Flurocarbons Stock Performance

The stock was trading at price point of approx 50 INR in year 2009. Since then it has not touched price point of 50 INR. In fact the stock has not touched 30 mark as well. This shows that it has destructed wealth over a period of time.

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If you see the stock has consistently fallen from year 2009 to year 2014. It got some positive movement in bull market then again traded with slight negative sentiment.Only recently it has broken one sided negative movement and is trading with positive and negative swings making it a volatile stock.

Hindustan Flurocarbons My Opinion

Hindustan Flurocarbons is an Chemical Company. I have noticed few things about Public Sector Companies over the years. First is there are very few public sector Companies which have made money for investors.

There are better private sector companies which can give better returns than public sector counter parts.Most public sector Companies give decent dividends which is one reason people get attracted towards them.

The Company is in good business of manufacturing refrigerant. But since it is public sector Company I will not advice to go ahead with this one. There are better alternatives available in stock market where you can invest and make money instead of investing in this type of stocks.

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I do not recommend investing in public sector Companies as they are largely impacted by government policies and less impacted by business growth. So I will not be tracking this Company.

In case you are interested then you can track the company by adding it to your stock watch list. That way you can keep close eye on the Company.

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