Hitesh Ramji Javeri & Harsha Javeri portfolio stocks

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Who is Hitesh Ramji Javeri?

Hitesh Ramji Javeri is not that popular Investor by name. But he is one of the top investors in Indian Market. He has invested crores of money in the stock markets.

In this article I will discuss portfolio of both Hitesh Ramji Javeri and Harsha Javeri together. Both of them have many stocks in common so it is better to discuss about them together.

He is master of picking Penny stocks which will turn into Multi Baggers in future. So people who want list of unknown small stocks in which ace investors are invested in then this is the portfolio for you.

In characteristics his portfolio is similar in nature to that of Subramanian P. Both of them invest in Penny stocks great deal. So you can look at both of them in parallel and see the investment picks.

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Hitesh Javeri & Harsha Javeri portfolio

Below is the list of stocks along with sectors they belong to. Sectors give us important information as we will see in later in this tutorial.

Stock Name
Amco India Ltd. Plastics
Aneri Fincap Ltd. Finance
Aroma Enterprises (India) Ltd. Finance
Beeyu Overseas Ltd. Food Processing
Belapur Industries Ltd. Sugar
Bemco Hydraulics Ltd. Industrial Supplies
Century Enka Ltd. Textiles
Cochin Malabar Estates & Industries Ltd. Rubber
Cranex Ltd. Crane Manufacturer
Dhunseri Investments Ltd. Investments
DIC India Ltd. Printing
Eastern Silk Industries Ltd. Textiles
Envair Electrodyne Ltd. Electric Equipment
Essar Securities Ltd. Investments
Gajra Bevel Gears Ltd. Auto Ancillary
Garg Furnace Ltd. Steel
Gujarat Poly Electronics Ltd. Electrical
ITD Cementation India Ltd. Construction
Kiduja India Ltd. Finance
Kinetic Engineering Ltd. Two Wheeler
KLK Electrical Ltd. Electric Equipment
KMF Builders & Developers Ltd. Contract Housing
Haria Exports Ltd. Textiles
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. Rubber / Tea
Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd. Auto Ancillary
Howard Hotels Ltd. Hotels
M P Agro Industries Ltd. Chemical
Mahasagar Travels Ltd. Tour Travels
Marg Ltd. Construction
National Oxygen Ltd. Industrial Gas
National Steel and Agro Industries Ltd. Steel
Omega Ag-Seeds (Punjab) Ltd. Crop Seeds
PALCO Ltd. Aluminium
Permanent Magnets Ltd. Magnets
Prabhav Industries Ltd. Steel
Raj Agro Mills Ltd. Vanaspati Oil
Ras Resorts & Apart Hotels Ltd. Hotels
Rasandik Engineering Industries Ltd. Auto Ancillary
Roselabs Finance Ltd. Finance
Shetron Ltd. Packaging
Shree Digvijay Cement Company Ltd. Cement
Shree Steel Wire Ropes Ltd. Steel
Shri Bholanath Carpets Ltd. Carpets
Shriram Asset Management Company Ltd. Finance
Standard Batteries Ltd. Batteries
Stanpacks (India) Ltd. Packaging
STEL Holdings Ltd. Finance
Stellant Securities (India) Ltd. Finance
Suncity Synthetics Ltd. Textiles
Tainwala Chemicals & Plastics (India) Ltd. Chemicals
Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd. Chemicals
Tarai Foods Ltd. Food Processing
Thakker’s Developers Ltd. Real Estate
Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Fertilizer
Universal Prime Aluminium Ltd. Aluminum
Valecha Engineering Ltd. Construction
Vishvas Projects Ltd. Finance
Williamson Magor & Company Ltd. Finance
Zenith Birla (India) Ltd. Steel
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Interesting Points about Portfolio

As mentioned above the investment style of Hitesh Ramji Javeri and Harsha Javeri is more or less similar with some differences of course to that of Subramanian P. But it is in contrast to that of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Vijay Kedia.

1. Finance all the way

Above I mentioned that Investment style of Hitesh Jhaveri is similar to that of Subramanian P but with some differences. This is just one of the difference. Subramanian P had very few company from Finance sector but on contrast Hitesh Ramji Jhaveri have considerable amount of companies from Finance sector.

There is no bank in either of the portfolios. The Finance companies listed above are in Investment category or Trading category. They can be clubbed into Non Banking Entity in general. This sector has prominence in his stock picking.

2. Focus on Penny Stocks

There is one similarity between Penny stock investors. They do not worry about Market Cap of stock and name of it. They just do their analysis and grab a handful of these stocks at low price waiting to turn big.

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Unlike Subpramanian P who picks 5 to 6 stocks from same sector Hitesh Jhaveri picks only one or two stocks from those sectors. He often picks some stocks which are in unique business like Permanent Magnets. This company manufactures only Magnets.

Most of the stocks in portfolio are not Small Cap forget about Mid Cap and Large Cap. They are at best Micro Cap stocks. The best part is he has invested in all those stocks with sheer confidence and conviction.

3. Diversification in stock and Sector

All those stocks are diverse in nature. They do not have common business. Even stocks which are from same sector have different core business. For example there are few stocks from Textiles sector.But textiles itself is a large sector.

The stocks of the portfolio do not compete with others. One stock is in Cotton segment then other is in Silk segment of Textiles sector. So he has managed to diversify his portfolio into different sectors. Inside sectors also he has picked stocks with different business area.

This is one more difference with Subramanian P. Later has few stocks from same sector which compete with each other. For example later has Granite companies which compete with each other as they operate in same sector and have same business line.

What Portfolio tells about Investment strategy?

Lets try to understand thought process of Hitesh Jhaveri and Harsha Jhaveri based on their stock picking for investment. This is tough call but we will rely on the portfolio stocks to gain some insight which may help us in our own understanding.

1. Invest in Penny Stocks

They invest in Penny stocks period. Not many investors will have courage to invest in those stocks at price they invested in. This is the risk they are taking illustrates the faith they have in their own investment style and analysis.

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The way stocks are picked depends on the area they are operating in. Permanent magnets are the only listed magnet manufacturing company of India. We will analyze each companies in details so you can get more idea about individual companies.

2. Focus on non popular sectors

Lets face it the most popular sectors in India are Private Banks, Public Sector banks, IT and Pharma. People do not put money on sectors like Battery, Rubber, Tea, Food Processing and Carpets.

These sectors does not attract majority of investors. The reason is they do not have top companies in it. These sectors are mainly unorganized ones waiting for one big player to take the market share.

He has invested in those sectors which are important but does not have major player in those. Remember the Growth story of Avanti Feeds. This company was once one of the company listed in not so popular Aqua Culture theme and now it is a Mid Cap.

The stock gave phenomenal gain. Similar story is of Cera Sanitaryware. So based on those themes Jhaveri has built his portfolio.


This portfolio is a must visit for new comers. They can scan the portfolio and try to figure out why the ace investor has picked the company. This will help them learn more about stock picking.

This stock picking ability will help them come up with their own plan. Also the portfolio helps us to know about few not so popular companies with Ace investor stake. You can do your own research and see if they fit in your risk appetite and you can invest in them.

I will be sharing similar articles on other ace investors of Indian Markets.

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