Infosys Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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Infosys Options trading Important Tips

Infosys is second largest IT company of India. It is second only to crown jewel of Tata Group of Companies TCS. It is regarded as one of the best return giving company in history of India. Such is the impact that people often say are you trying to find Next infosys.

It is the most traded IT stock in Futures and Options. On most days it easily surpasses options volume of other major IT companies like TCS and Wipro. I would be sharing OI sheet in this article but you should also keep in mind below facts while trying to trade in this stock.

  1. Currency depreciation that is if INR is falling compared to Dollar that is considered positive for IT sector as a whole. So if INR falls then Infosys stock price will rise. If the INR gains then Infosys stock price will fall.
  2. Infosys is not governed by Nifty movement. For example Nifty may be in red but Infosys may be in green and vice versa. So do not make position based on Nifty movement.
  3. The announcement like Buy Backs and new deal is huge positive for Infosys. Most of the time share prices move up close the these event days.
  4. Like all stocks the result days are often full of event and it can show sharp movement if results are positive and based on share price flat movement can also be observed.
  5. Infosys is also listed on Nasdaq. Many traders use movement of Nasdaq Infy to predict movement of Infy listed on NSE. You can also keep close eyes on the price movement on both indices.
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Options Open Interest Excel Sheet Download

Below is the download link for Infosys Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet. The sheet downloads Options Open Interest data and creates Long and Short position information based on Call and Put data.

The Long and Short position information is used to created Bullish and Bearish signals. You can use this information to create your trade plan.

In case you are interested to trade in banking stocks like SBIN and Yes Bank or stocks like Reliance or Auto stocks like Maruti then you can read below article. That article lists all top options trading stocks along with the download links for Options OI Excel Sheets.

Download Options OI Excel Sheet for Top F&O Stocks

You also have option to download the sheets for Nifty and bank Nifty. Most people prefer to trade in these two instruments as the lot size is small and option premium is also less. These two are most traded options as well. Below are the download link of the sheets

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Download Nifty Options OI Excel Sheet

Download bank Nifty Options OI Excel Sheet

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