ITC Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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ITC Options Trading Important Tips

ITC is crown jewel of Indian FMCG sector. It is slowly expanding its foot print into different segments. Earlier it was well known as Cigarette company. But now things have changed.

It has ventured into Information Technology, Cigarette, Stationery, Food items. ITC is popular between investors as well as traders. It is an active stock in Futures and Options despite being a slow mover.

In this article we will share you Options Open Interest excel sheet to help you with trading. But you should also keep below points in mind before making a trading call in it.

  1. This is an FMCG stock and by nature it is slow mover. So you should not buy too far OTM options strike price
  2. The stock movement is related to index movement as well.The external factors do not impact this sector and ITC that much.
  3. For example the Crude Oil and INR depreciation are overall negative for Index. So if overall sentiment is negative that may impact this stock as well.
  4. But these external factors do not have that much impact on ITC. Cigarette related news does not have impact on this stock.
  5. Like all stocks the results are major trigger. If there is any expansion plan mentioned then that is also taken as positive.
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Options Open Interest Excel Sheet Download

Below is the download link for ITC Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet. The sheet downloads and refreshes ITC OI information and creates bullish and bearish signals based on the Open Interest data changes. It also shows Long and Short position information based on these changes as well.

The Long and Short position information is created based on Call and Put data. Below is the link to download the sheet. You can download and use it for free.

Note it is ZIP file you need to Unzip it before using. Some people also trade in other popular stocks like Reliance or SBI or Maruti. For them I have created Excel Sheets as well. You can get the list of stocks for which I have created sheets at below link.

Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet for F&O Stocks

Along with stocks some people are interested in Indexes like Nifty and bank Nifty. Note Nifty and bank nifty are two most traded Option Instrument. So if you are interested to trade them then you can download Options Open Interest Analysis sheets for them as well from below links

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Nifty Options OI Excel Sheet

Bank Nifty Options OI Excel Sheet

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