Jubilant Life Sciences Stock Research

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Jubilant Life Sciences Overview

Jubilant Life Sciences is a Pharma and Life Sciences Company. As per the company website it performs manufacturing and supply of APIs, Solid Dosage Formulations, Radio pharmaceuticals, Allergy Therapy Products, Advance Intermediates, Fine Ingredients, Crop Science Ingredients, Life Science Chemicals and Nutritional Products. It also provides services in Contract Manufacturing of Sterile Injectables and Drug Discovery Solutions.

It has presence in India and abroad. As of now there are 7 manufacturing unit in India and 4 in North America. It sales the products in more than 100 countries across the globe spanned in different continents.

The company is part of Jubilant Bhartia Group of Companies. Currently this group has three companies listed on stock exchanges namely Jubilant Life Sciences , Jubilant Food works and Jubilant Industries. So the company has good parentage and there is no question on management pedigree.

  1. It is global leader in Pyridine and Picoline
  2. Global rank 2 in Vitamin B3 ,
  3. Rank 7 in Ethyl Acetate and
  4. Rank 4 in Acetic Anhydride
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Pharma sector has performed well in past except last few years where most of the companies were plagued by US FDA issues and Generics push. In next section we will see how this company has performed over the years.

Jubilant Life Sciences Stock Performance

Below graph shows the price performance of Jubilant Life Sciences stock on stock exchanges. This will give indication on how well the company has performed over the years for investors.

Jubilant Life Sciences Share Price Performance 2018
Jubilant Life Sciences Share Price Performance 2018

The stock was trading at 12 in year 2012. It has now price of 713. So the stock has made money for investors in last 16 years or so. The prices increased till year 2008 consistently. The stock market crash impacted it badly.

The prices were in slow consolidation mode with often up and mostly down till year 2015. After year 2015 the company performed exceptionally well. Note this was the time period where most companies were facing US FDA issues and were trading well below the 52 week lows.

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The out performance after 2015 is indeed commendable. Company have put a very positive growth which shows it was least impacted that most of the counter parts like Lupin or Sun Pharma etc. This shows company stability of the company.

Jubilant Life Sciences My Opinion

The ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has invested in Jubilant Life Sciences. This company as you can see above has performed well over the years. It has made good money for investors.

There are many Pharma company in India. Many foreign companies like Pfizer , Merck and Abbott also are listed on Indian stock exchanges. These are global giants in Pharma space.

The presence of big, Medium and Small companies in the sector make it one of the most competitive sector. I have added Jubilant Life Sciences in my stock watch list. The reason is simple. It has good parentage so there is no question about management.

The company has performed well and have less quality related issues. It is also part of ace investor portfolio. Due to these factors it is one company in Pharma space which can be tracked.

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You should also consult portfolio of top investors of India. You will find that some of them have Pharma companies in their portfolio whereas many do not have any Pharma company in their portfolio.

You should read them and then decide whether you want to invest in Pharma Company. Once you made that decision you can then analyze pharma companies.

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