Kokuya Camlin Stock Research

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Kokuya Camlin Overview

Kokuya Camlin is also known as Camlin Limited.It is Indian Stationery company based in Mumbai. In May 2011, Kokuyo and Camlin came together to create Kokuyo Camlin Limited. Kokuyo S&T Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kokuyo Company Limited, is a Japanese Multinational Company.

The company categorizes the products into 4 categories. Below is the list of categories and products offered in those categories. It will help you identify the brand and reach of it.

  • Students     – Pen , Pencils , Drawing books , Geometric boxes, Crayons (Colors) and other Stationery for Student usage like Note book , Technical Instruments and Adhesives
  • Artists and Designer – Colors , Drawing Inks , Canvas , Painting Mediums and other supplementary Artist Instruments like Brushes and Painting Mediums
  • Office Professional – Markers , Correction Pens , Gum and Paste and other office product accessories
  • Hobbyists – Glitter Pen , Sparkle Colors , Fabrica Colors , Coneliner , Hobby Mediums

Now that we understand the company lets have a look about Parentage as well. Kokuyo is Japanese multinational company. It is mainly in business of Stationery and Furniture.

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Through Kokuyo Camlin it operates only Stationery business in India. As mentioned above the Parent also has four categories of Stationery products similar to Indian subsidiary.

Now lets see how well the Parent Company Kokuyo and Indian Kokuyo Camlin have performed over the years for Investors. Note it is late entrant into market. We will take the share price from IPO days.

Kokuyo Camlin Stock Performance

Below is the stock price performance of Parent Company Kokuyo and Indian Subsidiary Kokuyo Camlin over the years. We are comparing both as Parent Growth will reflect into Indian Company over the years. So it is good to compare both the prices.

Kokuyo Parent Company Price Performance

Kokuyo Japan Stock Price Performance 2018
Kokuyo Japan Stock Price Performance 2018

Kokuyo Camlin Price Performance

Kokuyo Camlin Stock Price Performance 2018
Kokuyo Camlin Stock Price Performance 2018

As you can see the Parent Company had slump period and then prices have moved past the all time high. It is now trading close to all time high it made earlier this year. Between year 2008 to 2015 the stock was in consolidation phase after big fall earlier.

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It has recovered and moved past that best price this year. Now lets see if this corresponds to Indian company as well.Indian company got listed late. After initial up movement of price it went into consolidation phase from year 2012 to 2014 same as that of parent company.

It also has made all time high in year 2018 thus giving positive return to investors.Indian Company has performed well for investors.One good thing about parent company is good dividend rate of more than 1.5% (close to 2%) at current price.

If Indian company starts giving that dividend with price increase over the years then it will be awesome for investors.

Kokuyo Camlin My Opinion

Kokuyo Camlin is in portfolio of leading investor Vijay Kedia.The company is in consumer space catering Students mainly. This is a growth segment considering the population in this category.

There are few companies operating in this sector. The major ones are ITC and Linc Pen and Pencils. So the competition will be with these companies. The demand of products will increase with growing economy and education penetration in India.

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Kokuyo is old company with Japanese parentage. It is multi national company with good management and focus on growth. Thus Kokuyo Camlin has most of the Fundamental pick checkbox selected for it.

It is operating in growth sector with decent returns to investors over the years and have strong parentage with quality management. With confidence of Vijay Kedia being invested in it gives comfort as well. So I will add this stock to my watch list and track it as well.


You can have this stock in your track list and track the progress on the company. If you are interested in this segment then you can have a look into it.

In next article I will review yet another awesome company present in portfolio of top investor in India.

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