Mahindra Group of Company listed on NSE

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Mahindra Group of the leading Corporate Groups of India. It has ventured into different industry segments. You may have witnessed craze for Mahindra vehicles like Scorpio and Bolero.

Mahindra Vehicles are very popular in Rural India. Though the vehicle or Automobile part of Mahindra Group is very popular there are other companies as well. These other companies have less lime light then the main company which is Auto company.

Identifying Good companies under transparent and efficient Management is first step towards Multi Bagger identification. So it is good to find out companies from reputed group of companies lingering at low valuation and ready to grow in future.

This is also first step to create your Stock watch list. A good watch list means you have right companies in your kitty from which you will select winning companies. So first step towards investment is stock selection.

Mahindra Group of Company list

Below are the list of companies from Mahindra Group. You may be aware of some and some may be surprises for you as well. We will also see or analyze these companies in details later as well.

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Below is the company name along with Sector they belong to. You may see Mahindra is covering good amount of sectors.

Mahindra & Mahindra
Tech Mahindra
Mahindra & Mahindra
Financial Services
Financial Services
Mahindra CIE
Mahindra Logistics
Mahindra Holiday & Resorts
Mahindra Life Space
Swaraj Engines

Mahindra Group Companies performance

Below I have shared graphs which depict performance of these companies over the years. Looking at those graphs you can easily make out how much these companies have returned over the years to Investors.

Note I have not shared details of Mahindra Logistics as it is recent addition to exchanges. The return of a company should be compared over few number of years. Since below graphs show maximum number of years you can easily make out the money one have made.

Mahindra and Mahindra share price performance
Tech Mahindra share price performance
Mahindra Finance share price performance
Mahindra CIE share price performance
Mahindra  Holidays share price performance
Mahindra Life Space share price performance
Swaraj Engines share price performance

Mahindra Group performance review

If you closely look at the above charts company wise you will realize that Companies related to Automobile have outperformed other companies from Mahindra Group.

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Mahindra and Mahindra is the flagship company of the Group. It has performed well in long term leaving the smaller companies behind. The other Auto sector related company is Swaraj Engines. Swaraj Engines have also performed well in long term specially after year 2012.

The third outperforming stock is Mahindra Finance. Mahindra Finance also gets business from sales of Mahindra Auto products like Scorpio or Tractors or other vehicles. People finance their vehicles most of the times without paying all in cash.

The obvious choice for Financing is Mahindra Finance as both companies belong to same group the seamless service helps. So the growth of Mahindra Finance and its stock price performance can be attributed somewhat to success of Mahindra and Mahindra Automotive business.

Apart from these three companies others have not performed well or under performed. Tech Mahindra can be treated as exception but compared to other IT stocks it also has under performed by great deal.

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So if you have to bet on Mahindra Stocks then may be you should be selective. You need to explore the Growth potential of other business units before putting money in them. The Auto sector and related companies have proved their worth in test of time.


I have shared list of companies from other Groups as well. You can get list of all companies from different groups in my articles. The best way to invest or create a sound portfolio is to start analysis from these group of companies.

Once you have to company list from Eminent Management you can start your evaluation and decide which companies you want to track and invest in.

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