Maruti Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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Maruti Options trading Important Tips

Maruti Suzuki needs no introduction to Investors as well as Non Investors. This is the most well known brand in Four Wheeler section. It has market share of around 50% in India. The share has been consistent performer in past.

It has given awesome returns to investors. Traders like Options Trader are also interested in this stock. Perhaps the reason is simple the Stock is always in bullish mode. It has good volumes on most days so you will have no problem of Liquidity.

I have listed few points below to help you with your Options trade plan.You can use this information along with Options Open Interest Analysis excel sheet to plan your trade.

  1. Every Month on 1st Auto Sales number for previous month is declared. If the Auto sales number is positive means there is growth then stock will act positively (Stock prices will increase). If the Auto sales is negative then Stock prices will go down.
  2. Since this is monthly report so every Auto share will have reaction to this event, You may see some prediction based reaction on previous date and after result is declared people may push up or push down the prices even more.
  3. After this initial jerk on prices the stock seems to settle and the volatility will be less.
  4. Maruti always have positive bias for quite some years. So prices eventually move up if they are down for few sessions based on any news like sales figures or results. People are optimistic that company will perform better next.
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Options Open Interest Sheet download

You can download the Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet from link given below in the post. The excel sheet downloads OI data and uses Call and Put data to create Long and Short position information to help you make decision or plan your trade based on the information.

You can also download the sheets for other Futures and Options stocks like Reliance from below link. I have created list of best stocks for options trading along with useful details.

Click for F&O Stocks Options OI Analysis Sheet

You must be wondering that I am focusing that much on Stocks but Index is also heavily traded. Have I forget to include them or offer them for free? The answer is you can download Nifty as well as Bank nifty sheets for free as well without paying anything. Below are the links for Nifty and Bank Nifty

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Nifty Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

Bank Nifty Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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