Nifty 500 Company performance last 16 years

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Why I created the Sheet?

Stock price is reflection of Company performance. Price performance considers everything. Note it is important to take Long term price performance. As short term price fluctuations may occur due to news or any other events. In longer term Exchanges bring back everything to normally.

I created this excel sheet for my own analysis. I use various methods to pick my stocks. This is one of the way. I look into Company performance over the longer period of time. This tells me how Company responds to different news and is the Company price performance consistent over a period of time or it is just one off jump or slump in prices.

Sheet Download Link

You are free to download this Excel sheet and use it for your own study. It is free to download and use. I have taken some liberties for my own analysis like rounding off some values to make sure everything is in number rather than decimal. This in fact does not impact too much on end result.

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The sheet will help you understand best performers and not so good performers over a period of time. You can see which sectors are doing good. I will be updating the sheet with time. You can also update the same at your end if you need it. I am planning to evaluate the sheet every year to make sure how things have changed in the year.

Below is the download link for the file. Feel free to share the post so that others can read and download it. Hope it helps you in your own analysis. In case you have any queries feel free to share the same.

Click to download the Sheet

What the Sheet Contains?

The sheet contains list of all Nifty 500 stocks. Below are the columns present in the sheet. You can add or remove columns as per your own needs.

  • Company Name – Contains NSE Exchange ticker of the Stock
  • Start Year – Year Company got listed on NSE. For Old Companies 2002 is used as base
  • End Year – 2018 is used as end year for all stock. I will be updating sheet yearly
  • Total Years – This is difference between Start Year and End Year. It gives idea how many years Stock is present on exchanges. We will use it in later columns
  • Start Price – Price of the Stock in year 2002 or year when it got listed.
  • End Price – The price of the stock in on the day sheet was created
  • Total Price – This gives difference in Start Price and End price
  • Total Price percent – It is percent gain in prices over the years
  • Average Total price percent – It is percent gain in stock prices dividend by years it is listed on exchanges. This gives average percent gain in stock prices over the years.
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Path Forward

Note Nifty 500 is not static list. It changes with time. Some Companies are included while some are left. The decision is based on stock performance and solely decided by Exchanges.

I will be updating the sheet and mentioning which are left and included but since this is base year I have not done so.

The data is not taken from 1st Jan 2002 to 31st Dec 2018. There is no need of it. Since is is 16 year chart exact precision is not deal breaker. I created the sheet few months back and took the first date and last date with reference to it. Like the sheet was created in Feb or Mar 2019 so end price is of that day.

I will be creating the sheet this way going forward as well. It should be used to get an idea about performance and use the same data to take informed decision about your portfolio or watch list creation.

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