Options Open Interest Analysis Sheet for all F&O Stocks

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Open Interest Analysis is very useful in Option Trading. I have listed Open Interest Analysis sheet for all F&O stocks on this page. You can download them for free and use them in your Trading. In case you are not aware of How to use the sheet read my article How to trade with Long and Short information.

I will be updating the post with F&O shares which are not yet listed below. You can ask which company excel sheet you want if that company is already not present below.

Download Links

You can click on below links to download the Option Open Interest analysis sheets. I have grouped the sheets alphabetically.

Note some of the links are not live now. That means I have yet to create Options open Interest Excel sheet for those companies. I have listed the companies for which I will be creating and uploading the sheets.

As and when the sheets are uploaded the links will become live that is you can click on the link and from the page displayed you can download the excel sheet for free.

Index (Nifty and Bank Nifty)

For all the files (Excel Sheets) click on the names and then on next page you will have instructions to download the file. For example to download Analysis sheet for Nifty you need to click on Nifty.

Note Nifty and Bank Nifty are the two most traded Instruments. They have volume in order of Lakhs Calls and Put every day. So if you are looking for most liquid options then these two are the option instruments for you.

Nifty Options OI Excel Sheet

The major difference between Nifty and bank nifty which every options trader should know is that Bank Nifty has weekly expiry as well as Monthly expiry whereas Nifty has only monthly expiry.

Bank Nifty Options OI excel sheet

Top Stocks for Option Trading

I will divide the companies in multiple braces. For Options trader the most important thing is Liquidity. You should be able to Buy and Sell without any issues be it OTM or ITM.

Based on volume and sectors I will categorize companies into multiple brackets. You can select the ones which fulfill your requirement. On days of high volume a stock may have higher options volume than average.

I am not considering those days for stock classification. I will consider only the average or normal day volume for every stock. I would recommend you to start with the Top stocks and you can explore other ones as per your comfort zone with the stock.

1. Top 25 Stocks for Option Trading

I would also put a disclaimer on stocks which may not be good idea to play options in so until and unless you find that disclaimer on a group or stock you can safely download the sheets and plan your trade. Note I have clubbed stocks from different sectors so that you can have at least one stock from each sector.

Reliance Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

Maruti Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

SBI Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

Yes Bank Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

Tata Motors Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

Axis Bank Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

TATA Steel Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

Infosys Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

Sun Pharma Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

ITC Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

ICICI Bank Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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