Rallis India Stock Research

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Rallis India Overview

Rallis is part of Tata Group of Companies. It is leading company operating in Agriculture space of India. Rallis can be divided into 5 key business segment as per Company website

  • Domestic Crop protection
  • International Crop Protection
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Seeds
  • Crop Nutrition
  • Other Agriculture Services

Domestic Crop Protection – This division has 3 parts Pesticides, Seed treatment chemicals and House hold products like Termiticide.

International Crop Protection – This business comprises of Fungicide, Herbicide, Insecticide and PCO- Pesticides.

Contract Manufacturing – It is partnering with leading companies in the business segments of crop protection chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Polymers and Intermediates .

Hybrid Seeds – Currently it deals with Hybrid seeds of Wheat, Mustard, Pearl Millet, Paddy, Maize and BT Cotton.

Plant Growth Nutrients – It also markets products of Borax as well. It also has many self Crop Nutrition products as well.

Agri Services – Geo green which aims to improve Soil health, MoPu to driver productivity of Pulses, Sprayers and Rice Intensification.

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Rallis is international company in area of Agriculture field starting from Crop protection to Crop Nutrition. In the next section we will see if Rallis has performed well for investors or not.

Rallis Stock Performance

Below graph shows the performance of Rallis over the time frame of 15 years or more. This will eliminate cyclic fluctuations as well.

Rallis Share Price Performance 2018
Rallis Share Price Performance 2018

During year 2002 the share price of Rallis was under 10 mark. Over the years it has moved slowly to above 200 mark giving investors good return. The dividend yield at current market price is around 1.5%.

So if you include dividend yield along with Share price growth then the return becomes more compounded. The best part of stock price movement is that it was gradual slow process and every year it had positive movement barring the last few years which were of consolidation.

Rallis My Opinion

Rallis has few things going for it. I have listed them down below

  • Excellent Management and parentage. It is part of Tata Group of Companies. Shall I say more about group or management.
  • It operates in one of the growing sector which will be in focus in future. Growing population, Shrinking Agricultural land has forced Human to grow more in less area.
  • Excellent returns over the years have proved potential of the stock
  • Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has stake in this company.
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So the company has all the ticks going for it. It is excellent experienced company in growing sector with good transparent management. It is largest company listed in India in this sector based on market capitalization as of now.

So if you are interested in Agriculture sector then this is one company you should have in your stock watch list. You can track the stock and compare it with other companies in this sector.


Ralllis India is an excellent company on all the major parameters of Fundamental Analysis. You can definitely track this company and see get more details about it.

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