Ricky Kirpalani portfolio stocks

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Ricky Kirpalani latest portfolio

In this article we will discuss about the portfolio of Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani. He is one of the marquee names in Indian Markets. We will discuss unique feature of his portfolio as well.

It will help us differentiate his portfolio from the likes of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Dolly Khanna and Vijay Kedia. Note these gurus does have some similarity and differences as well.

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Below is the portfolio of Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani. I will be updating this with time as well.

Stock Name Sector
Deccan Cements Cements
Garden Silk
Mills Limited
Kama Holdings
Nalwa Sons
Investment Limited
Polyplex Corporation
Samtel India
Uflex Limited Printing Ink

Interesting points about Portfolio

I have listed some interesting points about this portfolio below. These points help you get more insight into the portfolio and compare it with that of others. So lets get started with the unique points

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1. No IT or Pharma

This is becoming a trend it seems. If you look into all previous portfolios you may have noticed it as well. Most investors do not prefer to buy any IT or Pharma company in their portfolio.

The reason may be dependence on Foreign Countries for their business mainly US. These sectors have prominent presence in Nifty and there are too many companies in these sectors.

But they have been ignored by most top investors if not all. Some of them have Pharma and IT stocks in their portfolio (including the Big Bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala).

2. No Sector bias

Now this is one of the most striking feature of this portfolio. All the companies are from different sectors. There is no repeat. In past we have seen many portfolios which have more than one company from a sector. But this one is different in this aspect.

All the companies are from different not so related sectors as well. So in this aspect this portfolio is well diversified.

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What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

This has always been an interesting part of portfolio analysis articles. In this part I will list out the investment style of the investor based on his stock pickings. This is not shared by the investor itself. It is my own interpretation of the facts.

1. Diversification is the key

As mentioned above this one is perfect example of diversified portfolio. In fact it is bookish style diversified portfolio yet balanced one. There is not too many stocks present in the portfolio. The stocks also does not have any competition between business area they perform in.

Books tell us to invest 10% of money in one stock at max and there should be around 10 to 30 stocks in one’s portfolio. This one has less than 10 but there is no duplication between them.

2. Do not be afraid of Small Sectors

New investors typically invest in big known sectors like Banks or IT or Pharma. They do not invest in lesser known entities. But top investors do not worry about it. They will invest in a lesser known niche sector if there is chance of growth and good company present.

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In Ricky Kirpalani portfolio you can easily see companies from sectors like Printing Ink which does not have many companies listed. It is also very small sector based on the market cap. But he has invested in this sector as well.


You can add these stocks to your watch list and then analyze them in details. I will also write articles on these stocks individually to give you more details and reason why these investors have preferred these stocks.

In next series of articles we will discuss about portfolios of other top investor as well.

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