Satpal Khattar portfolio stocks

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Satpal Khattar Latest portfolio

Satpal Khattar is one of the leading investors in Indian Stock Market. He has invested good amount of money in the markets.In this article we will discuss his stock pickings, know the unique features of the portfolio and also try to understand Investment strategy as well.

On the same line we have already evaluated portfolio of many leading investors in Indian Stock market like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala , Dolly Khanna and Vijay kedia. In case you are interesting in stock picking of these investors then you should read below article of mine.

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Below are the latest stock picks of Satpal Khattar

Stock Name Sector
5Paisa Capital
DCM Limited Textiles
Gayatri Highways
Construction Road
Gayatri Projects
Construction Civil
IIFL Holdings
Financial Services
Intense Technologies IT
Kridhan Infra Engineering
Nath Bio Genes Agriculture
PG Electroplast Plastics
RPP Infra projects Construction Civil
Sangam Limited Textiles
Sequent Scientific Ltd. Pharma
Solara Active Pharma
Sciences Ltd.
Strides Pharma Pharma
Suyog Telematics Ltd. Tele
Transwarranty Finance


Interesting points about Portfolio

Below are some interesting points about the portfolio. I have listed them after analyzing the portfolio trend. This facts provide you additional insight into the portfolio which is not very evident at first look.

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1. Pharma is back

We have seen in past that many top investors do not have any Pharma stock in their portfolio. This was an astonishing fact as Pharma is one of the top performing sector and is also thought as defensive play.

Agreed that recent USFDA issues have put a dent into this excellent sector. Top investors like Dolly Khanna does not have a single Pharma stock in their portfolio. Now you can see three pharma stock in this portfolio making it one of the pharma heavy portfolio.

2. Construction is not dead yet

This is another interesting pick of this portfolio. There are three construction sector stock in this portfolio. One thing is very interesting in all the portfolios we have examined so far. Many of them have companies related to construction or real estate in them.

With the recent beating of these stocks heavily people are still making a bet on them. This is something very interesting. We may not find lot of construction stocks in normal investor portfolio.

3. Consumption theme is underplayed

Consumption theme has been one of the major themes in many eminent stock investor portfolio. But Satpal khattar has downplayed this theme in his portfolio. He has not picked many stocks from this sector.

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He has paid emphasis on Finance sector which is linked with internal economy boom. There is no food processing or FMCG or any other type of stocks which are direct benefit of internal consumption. This makes it an interesting read for sure.

What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

Based on the stock picks and sector selection I have done my own analysis to come up with Investment style preferred by Satpal Khattar. Note this was not shared by the ace investor himself. This is my interpretation about him based on the stocks he has picked up.

1. Contra Call is the way

The investment in Pharma, Textile and Real Estate make me wonder that this ace investor likes to take contradictory calls on his investment. Real Estate and Pharma were beaten down sector in recent times. But there are majority of stocks from that sector present in the investor portfolio.

Note all the companies does not fall into this category. He has presence in other sectors as well. So the portfolio is combination of Contra call and non contra sector both. This makes it a balanced portfolio in this regard.

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2. Concentrated Portfolio

This is in stark contrast with many other top investors. The portfolio is centralized portfolio. There are three stocks from Pharma sector. So a particular sector have good amount of presence.

Similar is the case with Real Estate Construction. In fact two construction companies are from same promoter. The two companies are Gayatri projects limited and Gayatri Highways limited.

These two companies are from same management and basically same business with some differences. One is in Highway construction and other is in Civil Construction.

This facts make it a concentrated portfolio in one sense. Note there are companies present from different sectors as well.


Satpal Khattar portfolio has stark differences with few normal followed by other top investors we have analyzed so far. But every portfolio is a definite knowledge  bank and we should try to analyze the companies and form our own stock watch list based on that.

In the next articles I will continue with portfolios of other top investors out there. So that tuned and share this post if you found useful.

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