Seema Goel portfolio stocks

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Seema Goel Latest Portfolio

Seema Goel is one of the leading investors investing in Indian market. In this article we will discuss about the portfolio of her and investment style. She is spouse of Anil Goel.

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Below is the latest portfolio of Seema Goel. Note we will be updating the portfolio as per the changes so that you have the latest one to look at.

Company Name Sector
Dhampur Sugar
Mills Limited
Dwarikesh Sugar
Industries Limited
KRBL Limited Rice
Mazda Limited Pipes
Omaxe Limited Real Estate
South India
paper mills
Sterling Tools Fasteners
Uttam Sugar Mills Sugar

Interesting points about Portfolio

Seema Goel is spouse of Anil Kumar Goel as mentioned above. I am stating this fact again because the points we discussed for Anil Goel portfolio still holds good for the portfolio of Seema Goel.

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Most of the stocks in both the portfolio are same and sectors are also same. You should read the article on Anil Kumar Goel to get more idea about this portfolio.

1. Sugar is sweet

Seema Goel has multiple sugar stocks in her portfolio. There are 3 sugar stocks to be precise. Considering the number of stocks she has in her kitty this is big number.

We have seen similar thing in case of Anil Goel portfolio as well. He also has too many Sugar stock in his portfolio. This means they are super bullish on Sugar sector.

Note Sugar is cyclic sector and they may have bought these shares when the prices were low and once the cycle moves they may come out of these stocks at high price. So you should definitely make sure you are buying at low level as well.

2. No Mainstream Sector presence

The major sectors of Indian stock market are IT, Pharma and Finance. These three makes most of the Nifty stocks as well. Also these are the heaviest sector based on market capitalization on the stock exchanges as well.

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Having said that there is not a single stock from these sectors present on the portfolio of this ace investor. Similar was the case with Anil Goel as well. So Seema Goel and Anil Goel both does not have any company from these major sectors.

What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

I have decided not to cover this section for portfolio of Seema Goel. The investment strategy of this portfolio seems to be same as that of Anil Goel. This is not a surprise as well. In case you have not read the article on Anil Goel I would recommend you to read that article.

Anil Goel has way more stocks in his kitty then this one. So it seems this portfolio is a part or sub set of his portfolio. You can use below link to read that portfolio as well.

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As mentioned above this portfolio is sub set of Anil Goel portfolio so you should really check out the stock picks of Anil Goel to make more sense out of it. Also reading both side by side will help you get list of companies on which he is super bullish.

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That is list of companies which are present in both the portfolios. You can include these companies in your stock watch list and track them.

In next series of article we will have a close look at portfolio of other eminent stock investors.

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