Subramanian P Portfolio Stocks

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Who is Subramanian P?

Subramanian P is one of the leading investors in Indian Market. He has invested crores of rupees in stock market. In this article we will discuss his latest portfolio. We will also discuss investment strategy and interesting observations based on his stock picks.

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Subramanian P portfolio stocks

Below are list of stocks along with sectors they belong. Note we will be updating any action taken by this ace investor so you will get updated portfolio list always. You can click on Company name for detailed Research about the stock.

Stock Name Sector
Advik Laboratories Ltd. Pharmaceuticals
Agio paper and Industries Limited Paper
Ajanta Soya Ltd.  Vanaspati Oil
Alps Industries Limited Textiles
Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd.  Textiles
Amco India Ltd.  Plastics
AMD Industries Ltd.  Packaging
Anjani Portland Cement Ltd.  Cement
Anjani Synthetics Ltd.  Textiles
Ansal Buildwell Ltd.  Contract Housing
APM Industries Ltd.  Textiles
Aro Granite Industries Ltd.  Granite
Ashish Polyplast Ltd.  Industrial Supplies
Ashok Alco-Chem Ltd Chemicals
ASI Industries Ltd.  Mining
B&A Ltd.  Tea Estate
Bafna Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  Pharma
Balasore Alloys Ltd.  Metals
BCL Industries Ltd.  Edible Oil
Bloom Dekor Ltd.  Designer Doors
BNR Udyog Ltd.  IT Service
Bright Brothers Ltd.  Auto Components
BSL Ltd.  Textiles
Celestial Biolabs Ltd.  Pharma
Chemfab Alkalis Ltd.  Chemicals
Colinz Laboratories Ltd.  Pharma
Continental Controls Ltd.  Electric Equipment
Cosmo Ferrites Ltd.  Electric Equipment
Deepak Spinners Ltd.  Textile
Dhanvarsha Finvest Ltd.  Financial Services
Dhoot Industrial Finance Ltd.  Financial Services
Divya Jyoti Industries Ltd.  Edible Oil
Divyashakti Granites Ltd.  Granites
Dynamic Industries Ltd.  Dyes
Elegant Marbles & Grani Industries Ltd.  Marbles
Elnet Technologies Ltd.  Construction
Euro Leder Fashions Ltd.  Leather
FGP Ltd.  Glass
Fine Line Circuits Ltd.  Electricals
Flex Foods Ltd.  Food Processing
Goldcrest Corporation Ltd.  Finance Investment
Gravity (India) Ltd.  Textiles
Hariyana Ship-Breakers Ltd.  Shipping
Haryana Leather Chemicals Ltd.  Chemicals
Hilton Metal Forging Ltd.  Forging
Himalaya Granites Ltd.  Granites
Hindustan Tin Works Ltd.  Packaging
India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd.  Chemicals
Indo Amines Ltd.  Chemicals
Indo-City Infotech Ltd.  IT
Indokem Ltd.  Dyes
Inter State Oil Carrier Ltd.  Logistics
Jasch Industries Ltd.  Plastics
Kamadgiri Fashion Ltd.  Textile
Kanco Tea & Industries Ltd.  Tea
Krypton Industries Ltd.  Tyres
Lahoti Overseas Ltd.  Trading
Lippi Systems Ltd.  Printing
Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd.  Granites
Mangalam Organics Ltd.  Chemicals
Mayur Leather Products Ltd.  Leather
Medi-Caps Ltd.  Pharma
Metal Coatings (India) Ltd.  Steel
Mukesh Babu Financial Services Ltd.  Financial Services
Murudeshwar Ceramics Ltd.  Ceramics
Nahar Capital & Financial Services Ltd.  Financial Services
National Plastic Industries Ltd.  Plastics
National Steel and Agro Industries Ltd.  Steel
Natraj Proteins Ltd.  Edible Oil
Natural Capsules Ltd.  Pharma
Nexus Commodities and Technologies Ltd.  Services
Nutraplus India Ltd.  Pharma
Omnitex Industries (India) Ltd.  Textiles
Orient Beverages Ltd.  Beverages
Oscar Global Ltd.  Leather
P G Foils Ltd.  Aluminium
PBM Polytex Ltd.  Textiles
POCL Enterprises Ltd.  Chemicals
Poddar Pigments Ltd.  Pigments
Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd.  Chemicals
Prima Plastics Ltd.  Plastics
Priya Ltd.  Chemicals
Promact Plastics Ltd.  Plastics
Rainbow Denim Ltd.  Textiles
Raj Agro Mills Ltd.  Edible Oil
Raj Rayon Industries Ltd.  Textiles
Rajasthan Tube Manufacturing Company Ltd.  Steel
Rama Phosphates Ltd.  Chemicals
Rasandik Engineering Industries Ltd.  Auto Ancillary
Raunaq EPC International Ltd.  Construction
RDB Rasayans Ltd.  Packaging
Remi Edelstahl Tubulars Ltd.  Steel
Remsons Industries Ltd.  Auto Ancillary
Resonance Specialties Ltd.  Chemicals
Rexnord Electronics and Controls Ltd.  Electric Equipment
Roopa Industries Ltd.  Pharma
Sakuma Exports Ltd.  Trading
Samrat Pharmachem Ltd.  Pharma
Sarup Industries Ltd.  Leather
Sharat Industries Ltd.  Aquaculture
Shree Bhavya Fabrics Ltd.  Textiles
Shreyans Industries Ltd.  Paper
Sicagen India Ltd.  Conglomerate
SMIFS Capital Markets Ltd.  Financial Services
Star Delta Transformers Ltd.  Electric Equipment
Super Tannery Ltd.  Leather
Suryaamba Spinning Mills Ltd.  Textiles
Tamboli Capital Ltd.  Financial Services
Tara Jewels Ltd.  Jewellery
Texmo Pipes & Products Ltd.  Plastics
Tokyo Plast International Ltd.  Plastics
Vallabh Steels Ltd.  Steel
Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Ltd.  Textile Machinery
Vinyoflex Ltd.  Plastics
Vippy Spinpro Ltd.  Textiles
Virinchi Ltd.  IT
Weizmann Ltd.  Financial Services
Yash Papers Ltd.  Paper
Zodiac JRD MKJ Ltd.  Jewellery
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Interesting points about Portfolio

Below are some interesting points about the Portfolio.

1. Micro Caps all the way

There is no Large Cap and Mid Cap companies in the portfolio. Most of the companies are very small and will hardly come under Micro Cap as well. There are companies which does not have Market Cap near 100 Crore as well.

This is in contrast to portfolio of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala or Vijay Kedia both. These two eminent investors have combination of companies based on market capitalization.

So if you want to know about good and unknown companies then this is the portfolio you should look into. The list of 100 plus companies is huge and good starting point as well.

2. Too Diversified portfolio

Most portfolio of eminent investors have at the max 50 stocks in them. People often take 10 to 30 stocks as normal. But this portfolio has expanded itself to 100 stocks. This is too much diversification of the portfolio by Subramanian P.

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The reason may be explained by presence of too many micro caps. It is very difficult to evaluate Micro Caps in great details. So to immune his portfolio he has tried to diversify it as much as possible. So even if some go burst then also it is protected.

If 5 companies go burst and 1 make big then also the loss of those 5 gets covered. In my opinion this may be one reason of picking too many stocks in the list. Other investors do not have all Micro Caps so they just do well with less number of companies.

3. Sector Concentration

This is an interesting ploy by Subramanian P. He has well diversified the portfolio with over 100 stocks as discussed in point 2 above. But if you see carefully he has more than one company from a particular sector.

For example if you pick Textiles or Plastics then you can see more than 5 companies in those sectors. Agreed textiles is vast sector and have sub sectors as well. But even so if you see portfolio of other masters then they will have one or two companies from a sector.

Most of the portfolio have companies from Textiles, Granite, Leather and Pharma. Leather is a small sector but has found significant presence in the portfolio.

What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

There is no one way to make money in Stock market. This has been proved so well by these Investors. Portfolio of each one of them looks so different from others and so is their investment philosophy.

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1. Identify Unorganized Sectors

This is perhaps most important investment strategy of Subramanian P. Most of the sectors he has picked are unorganized. Most of them have small players. For example Granite is an growing sector.

With time it is becoming a status symbol as well. But there is no well recognized brand in this sector. Mostly you have local players and small companies.

If you see the portfolio he has picked 4-5 companies from this sector alone. The sector will grow due to internal demands and so will the companies. Similar is the case with Plastics and textiles. Textiles does have prime players but Plastics does not have many.

These themes are based on Consumption theme and used by common public. So the companies dealing with common items were picked. Note this consumption based theme was also one major decision maker in Rakesh Jhunjhunwala stock picking.

2. Identify Small Players in Growth Sectors

The problem with Micro Caps are risk of going them out of market or some wrong acts which will burst them financially down the line. This is severe risk as companies are small in size with no proven track record for long.

This risk is mitigated by diversification. He has invested in multiple stocks from same segment. All the stocks are small in nature and the chances of going burst is minimized.

One of the stock will get benefit of sector boom and make it big. Chances may be that other stocks may under perform or one of them may go burst. In that case also investment is preserved and you are in profit due to that one company turning big.


Subramanian P portfolio is good read for Investors. Investors can get idea of growth sectors. These growth sectors can form basis of your analysis. You can then refer the companies as well.

People often search for good small companies which will become Multi Bagger in future. You can visit this portfolio to get the list of such companies.

In next articles we will discuss yet other important investor portfolio and also analyze it. So stay tuned.


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Thanks. It is quite insight fully written, especially points on portfolio analysis. Reminded me a point in last year’s wealth creation study done by Motilal Oswal. Out of the 3,000 odd mini/micro-caps that were on NSE in 2013, about 2,400 had compounded 18% by 2018 (5 years). Which means that if you diversify broadly enough, there is a fair chance of earning decent returns from micro caps (something you analysed above as Subramanian’s strategy).