Sun Pharma Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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Sun Pharma Options Trading Important Tips

Sun Pharma is the largest Pharmaceutical company of India and is one of the top ten Pharma companies in the world. It is also part of Nifty as well. The company is also one of the most active Pharma company in Futures and Options space.

So I have included it as one of the top companies for Options trading. In case you want to know the complete list of companies which are best suited or options trading then you should read below article of mine.

Read Options Open Interest Excel Sheet for Top Options Trading Stocks

You should consider below points if you are planning to trade in Sun Pharma options. Note I will be sharing Options Open Interest analysis excel sheet for Sun Pharma later in this article but it is better to read below points as well and use them to frame your trade plan.

  1. Rupee depreciation is positive for Pharma Sector as well as Sun pharma. Pharma companies have good business outside India so Rupee depreciation helps them in Profit.
  2. Any FDA observation is negative for Pharma Company. This can drag the prices of the stock for quite some time. If the FDA observation is resolved that act as a positive for the stock. FDA issue was main reason behind lack luster performance of pharma stocks in recent times.
  3. Any new drug approval or launch news is considered positive for the stock. The amount of positive trigger is determined by the extent new drug will bring the revenue.
  4. The announcement of Generic and any new policies for Drug price regulation is negative news for the Pharma Sector as well as Sun Pharma. Note Sun Pharma is less impacted as it deals with Generics and is the largest Generics Pharma company.
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Options Open Interest Excel Sheet Download

Below is the download link for Sun Pharma Options open interest analysis excel sheet. It is similar to other sheets you have downloaded. It downloads and refreshes Open Interest data and creates bullish and bearish signals based on the Long and Short position information.

The Long and Short position information is created with Calls and Puts data. The open interest positions and changes are taken into account while creating these data.

It is better to track few stocks from different sectors like Reliance or SBI or Maruti for which I created list of top stocks for options trading. You can get the complete list along with the excel sheets from the first link I shared above.

In case you are interested to trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty then you should read my article on them as well as download the excel sheets created for them.

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Nifty Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

Bank Nifty Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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