TATA Group companies listed on NSE

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Tata Group is the largest Business groups of India. We are using one or more than one product of Tata Group in our life. The group comprises of more than 100 companies spread across 6 continents. It is multi national group of India and perhaps the most popular one as well.

Tata Group has many listed companies and most of them have made wealth for Investors in long run. I have compiled list of Tata companies listed on Exchanges.

I will do more in depth analysis of individual company and performance of the Group as a whole in next series of articles. For now I have compiled the list so that any one can download and perform the analysis on their own.

The list can be used to perform your own research about the companies. In fundamental analysis management pedigree is also important. Since the companies are from Tata Group you can rest assured about Management pedigree and transparency.

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The only thing important is that should you be investing in it or not. The list serves as starting point of your analysis. You may not have exclusive list of companies at your disposal.

So you can start your Fundamental analysis on companies of the group. You can use the sheet to prepare your stock watch list.

TATA Group of Companies listed on NSE

Indian Hotels
Tata Chemicals
Tata Coffee
Tata Communications
Tata Elxsi
Tata Global Beverages
Tata Investment Corporation
Tata Motors
Tata Motors (DVR)
Tata Power
Tata Sponge
Tata Steel
Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra)
Titan Company

Above is list of companies which are part of TATA group. Some are well known company whereas some are not so known to public. Many may not be aware that Trent or Voltas or Titan is part of Tata Group. Voltas and Titan are major companies in niche they operate.

Tata Group of Company performance

Performance measurement is one important aspect to make your decision about Investment. Below Graph shows performance of Tata Group of companies over a period of time.

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Basically the money Grew by 6 fold in these years if one has invested in these companies in ratio of their market capitalization as mentioned after the graph.

NSE has come up with Index called Nifty Tata Group. Below graph shows performance of Nifty Tata Group over the years. As you can see people can easily gain multi fold returns just by investing in this Index companies.

Listed Tata Group of companies performance
Listed TATA Group company performance

Nifty Tata Group Details

As mentioned above the Image shows performance graph of Nifty Tata Group. It has easily outperformed Nifty as well as other Nifty indexes. Below companies are part of this Index in following weight.

Note I have not considered numbers after decimal. I have ignored them and rounded off for better reading and clarity.

  • Tata Consultancy Services – 67%
  • Titan – 7%
  • Tata Motor – 7%
  • Tata Steel – 6%
  • Tata Power – 2%
  • Voltas – 2%
  • Tata Chemicals – 2%
  • Indian Hotels – 1%
  • Tata Global – 1%
  • Trent – 1%
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This article is written to help you understand the performance and know the companies which are part of Tata Group. In Fundamental Analysis judging Management Pedigree is one of the most important aspect.

Since these companies are from TATA that aspect is already taken care of. You can now analyze these companies in isolation and then decide which one you want to track and put your money in.

I will also be analyzing these companies in separate article. You can read those analysis as well along with your own and then make a decision.

You should also read my article on different Group of companies as well. That will help you have list of really awesome companies at your fingertips from which you can make your Watchlist.

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