TATA Motors Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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TATA Motors Options trading Important Tips

Tata Motors is one of the largest Four Wheeler manufacturer in India. It also has presence in countries across the globe. The JLR is also part of Tata Motors. You may have heard premium Cars like Range Rover and Land Rover these are main overseas cars created by Tata Motors itself.

It is also one of the top stocks being traded in Options. Compared to Reliance and SBIN it has relatively cheap Option premium. This makes it excellent pick for people who want to spend less money per trade.

Below are some key points you should keep in mind before trading in this counter. Note event have power to overcome technical setup as well so better to have an eye on these events if you are planning to trade in Options.

  1. Every month on First Car sales figure is reported for previous month.If sales is good then stock price will move up else move down.This sales figure is monthly event and drives the price for fist few days of the month.
  2. The JLR sales number is reported around 5th to 7th of every month. JLR sales figures are very important as this is premium segment cars and have good impact on revenue of the company. If sales are good then prices will shoot up else the prices will move downwards.
  3. These two events typically impacts the price movement of the stock for the first part of the month. Later part of the month is driven by expectation of these numbers next month.
  4. If there is no other event like Results then sales are only trigger. The other events may be launch of new vehicles and if Government comes out with any plans for Auto Sector.
  5. Tata Motors also operate in Light Carrier vehicles and Heavy Carrier vehicles along with defense vehicles. If there is any order inflow then that is positive trigger for the company.
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Options Open Interest Sheet download

Below is the download link for Tata Motors Options open interest analysis excel sheet. The sheet downloads Tata Motors Options Open Interest data and refreshes it as well.

Based on the Call and Put Open Interest data it creates Long and Short position information indicating Bullish and Bearish signals. You can use these signals to create your trade plan.

I know most of the options traders do not restrict them to a single stock. In fact they do track some top stocks which will make them money at a given time. This fact is acknowledged by me as well.

Since I am also a options trader. You can use below link to download the Options OI excel sheet for top stocks for options trading.

Download Top F&O Stocks Options OI excel sheet

Along with stocks people love to trade in Index instruments like Nifty and Bank Nifty. You can also download Nifty and Bank Nifty option open interest analysis excel sheet from below link.

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Nifty Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

Bank Nifty Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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