Tata Steel Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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Tata Steel Options trading Important Tips

Tata Steel is ten largest steel producer in the World and the largest steel producer company in India as of now. It is part of Nifty. As the name suggests it is part of prestigious Tata Group of Companies.

Tata Steel is very active stock in Futures and Options arena. Average Options trading volume on this counter is very good and is considered good stock to trade in Options.

It is the only stock from Steel sector to be part of top stocks which you can trade in options as well. The majority of other stock are Banking stocks. Below are some key points which you need to take care of while trading in Tata Steel

  1. The positive increase GDP growth is predicted as good news for Steel sector and has positive impact on stock price.
  2. The decreasing cost of raw materials like Iron Ore and Coal makes Steel production cheaper and news related to price of these raw materials impact Tata Steel stock price.
  3. Steel is used as raw materials on other industries like Construction etc. If there is any positive development in those industries then it is considered positive for Tata Steel.
  4. The result days are often unpredictable so you should better avoid trading on those days.
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Options Open Interest Excel Sheet download

You can use below link to download the Tata Steel options open interest analysis excel sheet for free. The excel sheet downloads the latest Tata Steel options data and creates Bullish and bearish signals based on the Long and Short position information.

This long and short information is created based on Call and Put data and Open Interest increase and decrease. You can create your trade plan based on latest OI data.

You also have option to trade in other popular stocks like Reliance or SBI or Maruti. I have created excel sheets for all popular stocks for options trading. You get list of companies for which I have created the excel sheets and download the sheet from below link.

Download Options Open Interest Analysis Sheet for Top F&O Stocks

Apart from stocks people love to trade in Indexes like Nifty and Bank Nifty. These two are most traded Options instruments out there. You can download Options OI excel sheet for these two from below links

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Download Nifty Option OI Excel sheet

Download Bank Nifty Option OI Excel sheet

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