Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd Stock Research

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Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd Detail

Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd is in portfolio of Anil Kumar Goel. He is one of the top investors in India. The company belongs to Engineering sector. The Company has presence in other fields as well.

As per the Company website it is a recognized export house. Below are list of products from the Company

  • Closures
    • Second largest global manufacturer of Steel drum closures. It has also started manufacturing of plastics closures.It has three global patent products for manufacturing of GRT flanges, Octagonal Clinches and Drum Top. It has 6 manufacturing facilities in India and 1 in China
  • Scaffolding, Formwork and Towers
    • It manufactures and supplies high quality steel tubes
  • Yarn, Fabrics and Garments
    • It produces carded and combed varieties of Cotton Yarn.It has 15MW captive coal power generation plant to meet internal requirement of power.
  • Engineering Services
    • It provides Engineering services like Consulting, Innovation, Resources to Automobile and Oil and Gas industries.
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It is present in more than 10 countries and exporting products to more than 80 countries World wide.

I have shared long term price performance chart of the Company below.As per Dow theory of technical analysis price performance over a period of time reflects Company state.

Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd Stock Performance

The stock got listed in year 2007 at listing price of 119. This was not good time to get listed as global crisis was looming around the corner. The stock suffered and traded below listing price for next couple of years. Since then it has recovered giving positive returns to investors.

The Company has successfully ventured into new spaces and same is reflected in stock prices. The stock has given 5 times return to investors over the years. The increase was gradual and slow if we leave out the initial period of non performance due to global crisis.

Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd My Opinion

Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd is a Engineering Company. It does have some very different business operations. I assume those operations were to increase exposure in different sectors and earn revenue propelling growth for the Company.

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The textiles sector dealing with Cotton Yarn is one such sector. The core business of Company is Closures in which it is second largest producer in World. It is also starting the plastic closure business which will help in next growth. Plastics drums are being used increasingly. The experience of Steel drum closure will help it in Plastics as well.

The Company has niche area of operation. Though some verticals like Cotton Yarn is generic one. It is still to be seen how well Company turns around the Engineering services division. It could be next focus point for the Company.

It is interesting Company and you can track it for further details of it. The Company is venturing into new space and much stock price performance depends on success of new areas.

In case you are interested then you can track the company by adding it to your stock watch list. That way you can keep close eye on the Company.

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