Top Corporate Group Companies listed on NSE

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Indian Stock Exchanges are dominated by Corporate Groups. You may have heard about Ambani’s Birla’s and Tata’s. These are famous corporate houses of the Country.

Along with these famous houses there are other Corporate houses like Bajaj and Mahindra. Over the years the companies from these corporate houses have dominated Indian Economy scene and Stock Exchanges.

These companies have made money for Investors in long term. The aim of writing this article is to provide a single place where you can get list of all major companies from these groups.

You can use the list of companies from these groups to form your own Stock Watch list. You can use the stock watch list to track these companies along with other companies of your liking.

The challenge in front of a Beginner starting his or her Stock Market journey is to know about Companies listed on the exchanges like NSE. Before coming to markets people do not have long list of companies. They know only the ones very visible like Banks and other consumer product companies.

Sometimes we are aware of the brand but we do not know the company behind that brand. For example we have heard of Fevicol but we may not know that Pidilite is the company behind that brand.

So it is very useful to have a list of companies at your disposal which are from best of corporate houses in India. Many people get caught by Fraud messages providing tips about unknown cheap stocks.

You are susceptible to these unknown messages and email fraud one you open your Demat account. You should be really careful as not to make 6 mistakes which every beginners make after opening Demat account and then leave market in loss.

Below is the list of articles which provide details and returns given by each company of the Group. So you get overall picture about the companies and how they have performed over the years. Based on that information you can either track them or reject them.

You need to click on the Group names to view the details.

Tata Group of Companies listed on NSE

Birla Group of Companies listed on NSE

HDFC Group of Companies listed on NSE

Mahindra Group of Companies listed on NSE

TVS Group of Companies listed on NSE

Godrej Group of Companies listed on NSE

Bajaj Group of Companies listed on NSE

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