TV18 Broadcast Stock Research

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TV18 Broadcast Overview

TV18 broadcast is Media and Entertainment company. It belongs to Network18 group based in Mumbai. Network18 is promoted by Independent Media Trust of which Reliance Industries is the sole beneficiary.

It has fifty channels in India and thirteen international channels. If you are interested in Share Markets then you must have watched CNBC News or CNBC Awaz. All CNBC title channels are from this group only.

Below are list of TV Channels and other, websites and publications from this group

  • CNN and News18 channels
  • Colors Channels , Nickelodeon , Voot and MTV
  • History , FYI , Home Shop
  • Firstpost , MoneyControl ,
  • Forbes India , Overdrive , Better Photography , Better Interiors

Now lets look at share price performance of this company over a period of time. This will give you indication of returns investors have made in this counter.

TV18 broadcast Stock Performance

Below graph shows the stock price for long period of time. This will help you understand the price movement and performance of the company. Note stock price is the best indicator of company performance.

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TV18 broadcast share price performance 2018
TV18 broadcast share price performance 2018

The stock listed around 100 mark in year 2007. It gave stellar returns just after listing touching over 200 marks in short span of time. But in 2008 recession the prices went down to 50 odd levels. For all stock crisis period was challenging. So it is not an exception.

But after year 2012 for nearly 6 years the company did not touch 50 mark. It under performed for all these years.  So any one investing before 2012 have not made money in this counter in long run. Even people who have invested after 2012 have not made decent money.

The peak period of the stock is over as per above price chart. Now the stock can be termed as long term wealth destruction company.

TV18 Broadcast My Opinion

I personally do not like Media and Entertainment stocks. The future does not look very bright to me. The reason is simple. There is gradual shift from TV to Internet for movies and other services like News.

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The Internet community is growing strong and most people watch the shows on Apps or YouTube. This shift in interest will hamper the revenue of Media and Entertainment companies as a whole.

Note this company was part of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala portfolio as well.It is interesting to see how the company deals with this shift in interest of users. They do have few websites and Apps like and App for that. So they are working on this gradual shift.


But close eye on this should be kept if you are interested in this space. Note it is competitive space and Zee Entertainment is other big name operating in this area. So it is worth to evaluate these companies before making a decision.

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