Uflex Ltd Stock Research

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Uflex Ltd Detail

Uflex Ltd is in portfolio of Ricky Kirpalani , Haresh Keswani and Dilip Kumar Lakhi . He is one of the top investors in India. The company belongs to Packaging sector.

As per the Company website it is  leading manufacturer of Packaging Films and packaging products providing end-to-end solutions to clients across over 140 countries where it enjoys a formidable market presence thereby becoming India’s largest flexible packaging company.

It is head quartered in Noida India. It has manufacturing facilities in India and other countries like UAE, Mexico, Poland, Egypt and USA. Company has been honored with are Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2017 in the Packaging Sector by World Consulting & Research Corporation.

Below are the product categories or business lines the Company operates in. Over the years it has added new verticals to its portfolio. It is the only global packaging film manufacturer with global outreach that together accounts for over 90% of the global packaging market.

  • Packaging and Packaging Films
  • Asepto
    • It is the first Indian manufacturer of aseptic liquid packaging material
  • Chemical Business
    • It is a leading manufacturer of Liquid Inks, Adhesives and Specialty Coatings.
  • Engineering business
    • It manufactures packaging, printing and allied machines.
  • Cylinder Business
    • It produces Rotogravure Cylinders, Flexo Plates & Flexo Printing Sleeves that carry out intaglio printing process, which involves engraving & Transfer of the image onto an image carrier
  • Holography
    • It is Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) certified security printer for printing MICR instruments. It provides solution for brand protection and anti counterfeiting solution under this service line.
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I have shared long term price performance chart of the Company below.As per Dow theory of technical analysis price performance over a period of time reflects Company state.

Uflex Ltd Stock Performance

The stock has fluctuating growth over the years. It does not have secular growth or incremental growth. The fast growth and quick down slope near 2008 is because of global crisis. But the same thing happened in year 2011 and again in year 2017.

The prices have steady slow decline for extended period of time in year 2008 and 2011 time frame and again in year 2017 period. Most of the times stock corrected more than 50% of the peak price. So investors should be cautious while adding this stock in the portfolio. If they have added at right time then they have made money else it may test their patience.

Uflex Ltd My Opinion

Uflex Ltd is a Packaging Company. The Company has good global exposure and is a multinational Company with manufacturing facility in India and other countries. Packaging as a sector will have slow and steady growth in future as well.

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Everything we consume today is packed. The trend of packed food items and other consumable is increasing with time. This trend and increased consumption with growth in population and economy will give growth to packaging sector (be it industrial or consumer products).

The nature of packaging will depend on Environment friendly (growing trend and concern) and Cost effective along with health concerns if any. The Company which can tap on future trends and provide the solution will be market leader.

Companies already in good position or market leader position will be the ones who will have advantage in tapping the potential. I have not yet invested in this sector but will be doing so in near future. Many top investors have put money in Packaging sector as it is future proof sector.

In case you are interested then you can track the company by adding it to your stock watch list. That way you can keep close eye on the Company.

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