Vanaja Sunder Iyer portfolio stocks

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Vanaja Sunder Iyer latest portfolio

Vanaja Sunder Iyer is one of the prominent investment figures investing in Indian markets. In this article we will look into latest portfolio of Vanaja and compare the same with other top investors of India.

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Below is the list of companies Vanaja has in her portfolio along with Sector they belong to.

Company Name Sector
Camlin Fine
Sciences Limited
Jamna Auto
Industries Limited
Auto Ancillary
Kaya Limited Health Services
Kisan Mouldings Ltd. Plastics
Majestic Auto Limited Two Wheeler
Raymond Limited Textiles
Twentyfirst Century
Management Services Ltd.
Visaka Industries Building Materials

Interesting points about Portfolio

Below are some interesting points about the portfolio. Based on these points you can compare the portfolio of Vanaja with that of other top investors

1. Wow we have Auto Stock

We have seen so many portfolios of top investors in India. Almost all portfolios we have analyzed so far does not have a single Auto stock be it Four wheeler or Two wheeler. This sector was vastly under represented.

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But the portfolio of Vanaja Iyer has changed that. She has one stock from Auto sector present.

2. No IT or Pharma present

We have seen so many portfolios in past which does not have a single IT or Pharma stock in it. This one is similar to them as well. It does not have one company from these two prime sectors of Indian markets.

It is also worth mentioning that we have some portfolios which have at least one company from these two sectors also. So these two sectors have mixed representation. Some investors have them and some does not have them.

3. Balanced portfolio

The portfolio does not have more than one stock from a single sector. All the stocks are from different sectors and the sectors do not seem to be interdependent as well. The closest sector relation is found in case of Two wheeler stock and Auto Ancillary stock.

But the companies are different in nature and are in entirely different business operating areas. This diversification is beauty of this portfolio and we have not seen this level of diversification in other portfolios.

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What Portfolio tells about Investment Strategy?

Above we have seen some key points about portfolio of Vanaja Iyer. In this section I will try to mind read to get some idea of thought process based on stock picking. Note this stock picking ideas or thought were not shared by the investor. This is my understanding based on the her stock pickings.

1. Diversification is the norm

Most of the portfolios we have analyzed so far has one key thing in common. They were all diversified portfolios. Each one has picked companies from different sectors. Sometimes they do have more than one company from same sector.

But this portfolio eliminates that norm of having more than one company from a sector. This is one of the most diversified portfolios we have seen so far. The second most astonishing fact is that number of companies is also very less.

We have seen portfolios with more than 50 odd companies as well before (Subramanian P and Hitesh Javeri). But this one have less than 10 stocks in kitty.

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2. Internal Consumption is the key

By word internal consumption I mean end products of the companies getting consumed in the country itself. Internal Consumption has been a strong theme on which many investors have made their stock picking.

The bottom line message is if economy of India improves that is if India transition from Developing to Developed nation then purchasing power of Middle Class will increase. This will give rise to consumption of Goods.

Based on this simple theme top investors have picked different sector and companies getting benefited from this theme. In this portfolio also we see companies like Kamlin, Kaya and Visaka banking on this theme only.


Portfolio of top investors like Vanaja Iyer is an interesting read for new investors. This portfolio shows some interesting companies and also is very concise. You can add these companies to your stock watch list and invest if you feel they meet your requirement.

In next set of articles we will list out portfolio of yet another top investor in Indian market. So stay tuned till that time.

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