Yes Bank Options Open Interest Analysis Excel Sheet

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Yes Bank Options trading Important Tips

Yes Bank is fourth largest private sector bank of India as of this writing. The first three are ICICI bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank in that order as of now. It is the only Greenfield Bank license awarded by the RBI in the last two decades.

It is volatile stock. As you are aware that a volatile or high beta stock is loved by options trader. This is one of the most traded options instrument.On most days it has good volume so liquidity is no issue here. It is also part of Bank Nifty as well.

As discussed in most Banking stocks Yes Bank price is also impacted by below reasons. (Note you can read my post on State bank of India to read other important factors impacting Banking stock prices).

  1. Banking stocks are impacted most of any NPA related news and magnitude of those NPA. These news are considered negative for stock price and overall sentiment of it.
  2. Any news related to violation of Banking norms for example not following proper procedures to sanction loans is considered negative and impacts stock price.
  3. The RBI policy updates have impact on all Banking stocks and you should better avoid trading on those days to be on safer side.It is volatile in either directions on those days.
  4. Result day and day before result day is unpredictable. So it is better to avoid these days and only trade if you are sure about the result outcome. Based on results the stocks can beat any technical set up and move in either direction.
  5. The currency depreciation is always negative for Banking stocks. Being a private bank it can tolerate small falls but if movement is swift then stock prices will come down.
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Options Open Interest Sheet download

Below is download link for Yes bank options open interest analysis excel sheet. This excel sheet downloads the options data in real time and creates Bullish and Bearish signals based on Long and Short position information.

This long and short position information is created from Calls and Put data and change in open interest positions while trading is on. So you get the information in real time.


You may also like to trade in other Banking stocks like SBI or Axis Bank or may be trade in the most popular option trading stock Reliance or may be motor stocks like Maruti and Tata Motors.

In case you are interest to download or trade in other popular stocks then you can download the options OI sheet for all those stocks below.

Download Options OI Analysis Excel Sheet for Top Options trading stocks

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Along with stocks people also love to trade in Index Instruments like Nifty and bank Nifty. These two are the most popular Options trading instruments due to liquidity and small option premium.

Nifty OI Excel sheet download

Bank Nifty OI Excel sheet download

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