Stock Market step by step Guide

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This guide will include series of articles to get you started with Stock market. Stock market is viewed as a Betting table.Common people are very much afraid to enter it. So most individuals do not take advantage of returns it can provide.

Also they are unable to find any step by step guide which can help you get started , where they can ask their questions and get answers. With above aim in sight I am coming up with this guide to help you get started with it. The guide will be updated with time with new content so stay tuned.

Table of Content

The tutorial is divided into 3 parts.

  • Stock Market basics – If you do not have any idea about stock markets
  • Investment – Helps you create your portfolio and provide Fundamental Analysis details.
  • Trading – Helps you in trading stocks or indexes and provide technical analysis details

You can click on the chapters to read them. Each chapter is written in sequence for Stock market basics. It will be good if you read them in order they are presented in the article. For other topics you can read them in any order as per your interest.

1. Stock Market Basics

Chapter 1 : What is Stock Market?

Chapter 2 : How to buy and sell shares?

Chapter 3 : Things to avoid after opening Demat account

Chapter 4 : Difference between Investment and Trading

Chapter 5 : Trade Log Importance and template download

Chapter 6 : How to prepare Stock Watch list for tracking?

2. Investment

In this section we will discuss Founding principles of Fundamental Analysis. We will also screen companies based on these founding principles. So if you are interested in investing then this is the place you should start with.

Part 1 – Fundamental Analysis Guide for Beginners

Part 2 – Portfolio of Top Investors and Mutual Funds of India

Part 3 – Top Corporate Group Companies of India

3. Trading

In this segment I will provide Technical Analysis details along with Option trading and other concepts important for trading in Stock Exchanges.

Part 1 – Technical Analysis Guide for Beginners

Part 2 – Option Trading Open Interest Sheets


Note I will be updating this page with new content or updating the guides linked to this page with time. So you should check this page after some time regularly to read new content.

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